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General Discussion / Of Black People and Monkey Behaviour!!!!
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:23:43 PM »

You know, I vowed to leave black people alone and not talk about the sheer monkey bizness..but NOOOOOOO you won't let me be....

I had an encouter yesterday that nearly caused me to fight.

I told this dude that he is not black and that was enough for the monkey bizness to start..

I will start a the very begining....

well i had just finished brushing my teeth and I looking ay my sexy self getting ready to go out there
andmake these hoes drool.....

I figured a beer is in order..I bought a Grosh...why you might ask...well coz I am a rich bitch...I do my own thing! I got my own paper I shop at woolworths...sofistikated!!

Rich bitch

General Discussion / A Gentleman...
« on: March 25, 2010, 03:19:30 PM »
..never tells? 

where the f*** was I when this and other ludicruis gentle man rules were voted upon?

As far as I know...guy riles are very few, the reason being? they had to be unanimously voted don't f*** your freinds girl.....etc etc

the other shit like this i never agreed upom and usually these rules a quoted by girls....things like money over hoes you will never hear a woman say,,why? coz its a rule by men for men.

Now we have these f***ing bitch a** niggaz that a controlled by trifling females..

First I have never met a guy who wants the details of the sex antics of another....the MOST would be "did you hit that?" and the answer is "word!"

the only time we might get into it is if something out the ordinary happens....

.....So there I was drinking a Heineken Court for the first time...for some reason the heineken kort just does not sit well with me...

but I had no choice...the "dump" I was at had dirty looking drinks the only thing that looked aight was the heinie...

Movie Talk / 3D Gla**es
« on: March 12, 2010, 02:12:45 PM »
Where Can I buy a pair am going to watch alice in wonderland 3d need my own shit


its 2010....

Who gives a f*** who built the pyramids? So King Tut was black so what?
All those renditons of Ancient Eygpt of blacks being slaves to a light skinned race look life foolishness.

Are people honestly out of things to discuss?

I was invited out for drinks and 'intelligent' convo last night, had I known better I would have saved myself a pounding headache.

I'll set the scene, its these progressive young educated blacks..  ::).I apparently "will fit In, you so articulate and have a fresh out look on life, please come we need more brothers in our group we have too many sisters" 

"too many sisters"??? Got thats how I was got....

Its like a book club, exept there are drinks involved and there hardly any books...(blacks will be monkeys never cease to amuse me)

The topic was about "Being black in a white co-operate world" ...I raised an eyebrow coz nothing is nicer that drinking and white I figured you know let me match this should be fun


General Discussion / Of HIV and blood testing phobia!
« on: March 10, 2010, 11:08:22 AM »
I am no saint, I have done a LOT of stupid shit in my life some I won't admit to doing..

Anyway....I last took a test in 2001 I got a couple girls knocked up between then and now and got a coupla healthy kids..thats been my self fooling thing and yard stick..f*** it if my kids are well then so should I....right? wrong! anyway on and on.

anyway some girl I was f***ing with in 2006 died last year and they say it was HIV...*sigh* I used to beat it raw every time I got a chance to...I know about atleast 5girls I have f***ed with that have the do I know you might ask..well, they all called and told me that theraphy teaches them that they should live guilt free so to do that they need to tell as many people they been with they status(volontarily of-cource) so as to give them the heads up so yeah.

For the longest time I refused to test...on principal and well fear of my shady way catching up to me!

My last EX,,,,gave me the shock of my life...she called me sometime last week asking talking bout.."You and me were f***ing raw for over 2years...I have an HIV test dated to just before I started sleeping with that proves I was HIV negative...."

and the phone cut just like that!

Hip Hop Events / Of Pretty Males and Closet Homosex-fagotry!
« on: March 05, 2010, 08:09:47 AM »

don't you just love Hip Hop sites? You can use derogetory words like fag and no-one says shit!

Coz there are not gay heads!! ::)

its coz the gays in hip hop a spineless and can't standup and tell a nigga where to get off...I suppose thats a poor choice of words...hehehehehehe.


I am not talking bout "Pretty Boys" , the guys that go out they way to look nice, bathing three times a day, always looking they just walked out of the barber shop, clean clothes wearing annoying gettting your girl a** f***ers! Nope..not those f***ers.

I am talking bout pretty look like female guys like the one who think I am gay coz I was looking at him.

Before you supper straight f***ers come on here talking bout..I know females! fall back back, its not an honour to be straight and you not the only one and no-one ever got laid coz they could prove they straight,,,tone it down!

General Discussion / Of Deborah Patta And Ugly Betty
« on: March 03, 2010, 09:15:36 AM »

bullshit aside I would shag Ugly Betty, and before we listen to picture perfect morally correct white know it all saviours of blacks like Mrs Patta...i'd like to a**ure females that guys have more respect for women who are who they are..we deep like that, More Guys would wife a woman like Ugly Betty than would Deberoah..why? no one likes a judgemental person especially if she is looking for a way to say blacks are backward in a diplomatic way.

Frank , open , straight forward are all euphemisims I have heard been used for the word mouthy bitch!

She hides behind bullshit, WHO goes around making shows about other peoples belieifs....she white so I can let her get away with it, but black women who use white people's literature to justify calling black people's culture backward really get at me...

I need coffee I am too pissed to be able to write objectivly

General Discussion / Skirt Snatching!!!!!
« on: February 18, 2010, 02:49:34 PM »
In all these years that i have been hunting and at times getting skirt, I have never lost a skirt to another guy....

No mr smarty pants! I aint saying I have never had a hoe f*** some other guy while see was with me...I just have never broken up with a woman coz she chose to be with some other guy.

If its happened I was unaware , and if I was unaware it means the stolen mechandize was not that important..I mean if your Poche is jacked in your garage and you don't notice...well it means you a man of impecable taste!

No gentleman I am talking about those shameless cats who STEAL your skirt to the extent that she leaves her house , kids etc...

First I am not one to take another mans burdurn...sure if I like your woman..I will try and slang her dick and if she takes it shit she takes it ...if not no harm no loss

I have shared other cats' skirts with ease...

But I have enetered dangerous ground....I am actually thinking about stealing a skirt...and


I hope you do know by skirt I am not talking about a "a piece of clothing worn by women!"

If thats what you thought .....shame on you!

serious tho but this time don't think skirt litterally I am talking about a skirt that belongs to a man and the only skirt a man can own is a kilt!

So focus ... so there is this kilt that I saw!

General Discussion / Female repellent
« on: February 11, 2010, 04:20:50 PM »
I'll say one thing about Jozi girls, as stuck up as they are, they not afraid to show they intrest or make a move, which under normal circumstances is a bonus, incase you on a mission the elimination process is done for you as opposed to turn every stone and buying the whole damn bar / club a drink she brings herself..NICE..

PTA girls throw subtle hints and have time for cat and mouse games, the J? she lets you know from the jump if you wasting your time.."Sorry briCK, I have heard about you and your shady ways and besides the girls bathroom hs you number so If I really wanted to speak to you i'd phone and you can keep you drink, but try her over there she is in the mood for you type of antics..and next time you feel like being silly..DONT" well talk about unambigious and unmisleading...

unlike a typica PTA girl..*looking around* "what do you mean you like me..about that drink..keep it on you table when I go to the toilet I'll take a go my man is here....wait said you stay at number mang?"

...the things we go thru....

i like to get into the mind of the person who thought its smart adding nut to chocolate!!  >:(

Now EVERY guy at one point in time has been on the receiving end of unwelcome flattering as girls think it is...chasin a chaser is not as cut out as girls would think..I read cosmo just to see how far off the mark girls are when it comes to what guys want

General Discussion / Cheaters
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:08:42 AM »
Firstly..does anyone drink peroni? I mean seriously?

true apart from Hansa and Castle lite I drink anything...but I am talking bout serious stranded on an island shit.

If you had a choice between spending your time alone with a female of your choice or a well that flowed of ice cold beer,

which beer would you choose? not Peroni for me, fine I will drink four handies if I am not on a drinking spree but at a party of else where keep that tap water away from a nigga. I had three draughts of that shit, nice and fresh as it was i kept thinking WHY WHY oh WHY?

I have stopped black, and stout and Amstel and just sip on heini...f***ing years eve there a nigga was with Peroni in hand looking like I just drank five litres of coffee while aye body else was wilding out...I don't drink on Sundays or during the week so my friday beer has to hit the spot with the quickness!

anyway,,,,As I do on mondays I watch cheaters again last night I dunno why I do this shit to myself but I do, chances are if you suspect you been cheated on you are and you know why.

I am rough around the edges yes but I thinking cheating has got to be the dumbest thing one can do...let me ellaborate!

General Discussion / if your bitch is checking me out?
« on: February 05, 2010, 10:51:50 AM »
you better check your bitch?

If your bitch paging me you better check your bitch!

Look...Like insects gravitate towards the light, I know it is normal behaviour for females to be attracted to men, in FACT guys who go round telling people that "bitches love me are!" spewing a male they female they SUPPOSED to like you,you f*** head, I digress every once in a while there is that one GUY, in the instance of this story me, that makes your clit just go haywire..I sympathise sweets I really do..I really honestly do apologise that you find me irreseitable, now before none of you fags come on here talking sideways at me! Happy 2010 and we gon have fun this year..and of-course fall the f*** back


Readers Corner - Books / Books for mobile devices
« on: June 24, 2009, 06:25:03 PM »
Greeting where can i find book 4 reading online or dling to my mobile thx

General Discussion / REMY!!! In Here
« on: June 12, 2009, 12:14:06 PM »
sup dude?

check it..I surf using my celly, can you drop me a list of dope mobile sites..

Is there some place like youtube where you stream or dl

*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough**cough**cough**cough*smut*cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough*pron*cough**cough**cough**cough**cough*pronOGRAPHY*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

And anything dope!!!


FIXED :) my spelling sux and my F7 key is screwed

General Discussion / Boys' School, Sissy boys...
« on: June 03, 2009, 03:03:38 PM »
...AND they meddling moms!

Fine...I saw this story about the Parktown Boys shit..giggled and thought that would be end of the front page of the Star has the latestest, I have not yet read everything but the front page say something about the Head Boy and some other seniors have been arrested and convicted..more after I read ..

but in the a form Boys school scholar this shit just goes to show that women and boys should not mix, Why did she want him to go to a boys school in the first place chances are..she wanted him to grow up and be a man.

Before y'all talk talk talkers start talking fall back..i know what y'all thinking...nyi nyi don't have to do [INSERT SOMETHING] to make you a man nyi nyi nyi.

This is female mentality HOW do you say you want your kid to be a man then when he is around other males and he can't stand the heat you turn and blame the instituion.."no no no..its not my kid's fault it the School and it barbaric irrisponsibility"


I am a bit pissed lemme calm down take a breather and try this again

General Discussion / Robo The Tech
« on: May 30, 2009, 10:23:14 AM »
Sup? y'all

I had given up on dude dropping, in my nocturnal wonderings I saw a poster saying his shit is out,

I have tried to search AG and all I get is vague responses, if this has been disccused point me onward..

"Hip Hop and life are ultimate equilibrum" - Robo circa 1993

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