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Cape Radio stations are WACK!!!!!!!

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i´ve been in CAPE TOWN for almost a year now(coz of varsity) and i feel sorry 4 my self, the radio stations are f***ed, what the f*** is good hope FM. The situation is bad out here i even end up listening to metro FM, i miss JOZI, most of all i miss my Y-FM. Y_fm should go national, the shit i´m listening to right here is f***ed, i miss my T and T in da mornings, wit a good laugh bfore heading anyway, now i have to listen to f***en Glen and his circus, f*** cape is irritating, can´t waite to finish my degree. da only hope is, i am going on holiday in a month or so after exams and i can´t waite to bounce

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Why don´t you listen to Bush Radio on Friday nights, 10pm to midnight, the Headwarmers Hip Hop show.

But I do agree, Radio Good Hope does suck.


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native i heard CT got mad hotter chicks so ought too pre-occupied for radio whilst you there


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