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A very pertinent view posted on forums:


From: Eugene Mthethwa

It is appalling to see how we become subjects of ill informed social climbers and political demagogues, who play with our emotions and take advantage of our vulnerability. The country is said to be poor with more people losing jobs, our artists have no means of survival except through performances but the money availed by our government is given to American performers. We should consider this an act of very irresponsible people who ought not to be accepted as ‘proud South Africans’ because their deeds reflect clearly where their loyalty lies. They purport a spirit that seeks to belittle our own artists against Americans.

It comes as an insult as one should also be aware of the fact that this month is South African Heritage month and this week is Proudly South African week but what we are witnessing is more and more American junkies flooding into our country to showcase their cultural heritage and on top of that given a better treatment than that given to our artists. I wish our people could not support these shows and start showing much responsibility towards the betterment of South Africans than this continuation of disrespect shown to our people because of the perception that South Africans support anything that comes from America even if it is a reject. We cannot be Proud South Africans by embracing American Ideas of Discouraging Success (AIDS) and economic growth for one South African who has no respect for his or her own people is a loss to a nation with millions of hungry people and jobless. Phansi with South-African-Americans.



From: Nyami Magwaza

When most people made their resolutions on the first of January this year, mina I chose not to have one have, for fear of not keeping my promise, This time I have found one and lena I will keep it.In fact it will keep the same resolution na next year or untill there is a change.

This is my resolution:

"I will not attend any of the Arts Alive events" even if they pay me too and I shall ensure that no one around me does too.

Umsangano phela lo, why would i want to go listen to All 4 One trying to remember what they did in 1992, when I can entertain myself at home listening to Mandla, Kamazu, Kabelo, Stoan and Thandiswa chanting praises about Ndofaya.

Hayi bakithi kahleni give us a break. E ka sisqo yona angifuni nokuyi khuluma, Our artists are far better than lemihlola enisilethela yona,so please wake up, its sad though ukuthi this event is the baby of a government sector that I considered very progressive. COJ siyacela next time SA Artists kuphela, futhi niphumuze U-Oliver I am sure naye uzwile yini.

The funniest bit is this is supposed to be an arts event kodwa all the promotion is geared towards these american rejects, what about our sculputures, painters, designers and all the other categories in the arts. Is this event Arts Alive or "American Rejects Brought to Life Alive"- ningazosidina la, yekani if niyahluleka.