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Rhymes galore


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You wanna talk about a lyrical session
I am the verbal Messiah that I should mention
Not to forget the battle preist here to anoint with battle blessings
What I stand for is the elimination of fake profession
So you wack emcees keep marching on in a sorrowfull recession
A symbol,better yet a theme..,.Motif
When I step off the pscifer podium you katz pa** a sigh of relief
My rhymes take you on a trip its like alien-abduction
Electrical scheme similar to solar induction
My flow hits harder than hard retard,catch a major concussion
So step right up..better yet recite from this production
Yeah you know you can only bite,they call it lipo-suction
Im the human lifeform never disclosed in biology
Im too confusing to add to the syllabus in trigonometry
An equation but not the kind you find in chemistry
So dont confuse me with your own illiteracy..

Motif out


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Yo props go out to Mara´D!
Tight verse man...I like it!

But Im here to stay.....

Fake emcees with fake flow a hundred times diluted
Like what happened to this battle when you got recruited
I see you stepping up looking kinda lost
Ill show you the right way,out the back door at no extra cost
Maybe your pride,dont forget your confidence
Im taking no prisoners..on a highway to your demise it´s zero tolerance
Aint even gonna break a sweat
Yo time has come,I know you´ll regret
Im advancing on with every body I hit
Breaking bones as corpses disintegrate with every word I spit
Forgive me for thinking you´re a challenge ,thought you were only joking
Go play with the amatuers coz you done choking
Reasons of death shall make doctors wander whats my level
You even more confused hesitating with this rhyme devil
Im here to battle not to compensate
Your remains blow away coz you in the gaseous state
Youve reached your demise with this lethal verbal injection
Im done with this verse...A MAJOR REJECTION!

Hit me back Mara´D


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a 3 min quickie
i spit more barz than ya a**es see in day
lyrically im maxium secur-ity in pelican bay
locked down for 23 hours a day

i stepped off and came back to see you still spittin wack shit
so i verbally spit sick shit at this crip bitch
till ya backflipped

in the killer´s realm matches
im evadin´ defeats like taxes
but i´ll pay any cost to attack wack rappers
perhaps this is just a curtain call for you actors
i´ll leave you with yo head down on stage
like mizchief
bitch this aint ammunition pro and selwyn´s show
i´ll have you dodgein 100 mph flows
like them wimbeldon tennis pros
my other side screams "hit him in the nose"
instead i chose
to eat emcees up like cinnamon rolls

who can f*** with these skills?
i attack niggaz from behind
and break they spines for tryin to rhyme
like ecxatsy pills!
who the next to get killed?
my rhymes make national headlines
like fake bitches tryin to rhyme
i bring more heat than the equators line


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guess whos back....the lyrical intoxicator
masepanyana a na a tlo fela coz im back...
the new generation ya bomrapper
missy said she wanted hot boys\
ive got fly boys
the great MaraD,
these boys are phat,
if u dont believe me u can ask ur mama...


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niggaz i´m rhymin
while you all mimin
your flow is off
thanks to your weak timin
did i say off
ye! f*** off
your pc
surrender to your knees
get to the jesus piece
before i squeeze my piece
watch me incline
over your bitch rhymes
move son no.1 spot mine
king of the streets
thats me
top mc intercontinentally


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Get me started I blow up like the Sun on a bad day,
keep you under constant pressure with countless solar rays.
Helpless, you´re stuck on the edge, what´s tha cause?
You nimwit I left you stranded in the heliopause.
"maraD" makes my diaphragm flutter, I laugh.
Translated to Dmara  you "gutter" a.k.a.: Trash.
You never flew, but that don´t mean you can´t crash!
I´m like Uranium Son, in it´s natural state,
continuously spittin Protons, guaranteed to seal your fate.
I spit´em till I transform physically into lead,
now melt me down, load me up and aim for the head,
I know it wasn´t fair, but now literally, D´s dead.
I´ve prepared a eulogy just for this occasion...
f*** IT! Let´s shun the pretense and start the celebration


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Big-up to all rhyme spitters...dropping their verses on this thread.Havent been on for a while!
Keep it real.


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Tight shit, tight shit...peace to Motif and the rest, you´re ill.


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i hit you with my rhyme/
Singin´ to the time/
U r really whack/
u need a tic tac/
coz u really stink/
u look pretty in pink/
Rapping is my game/
and i know i ain´t lame/


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The cal-de-sac that Hip Hop seems to have found itself in, has been caused by this tacit certification of all these nursery rhymes by these challenged gentlemen above.Cats u not my peoples,not that would a difference,but you are all unbelievebly WACK.Try kwaito!
Middle Finger from Durban.


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Look my brother/my sista I understand that
you are testing your skill en shit!
BUT you have to draw the line somewhere,
what u´ve written is absolute shit.
Keep at it but next time post something decent! :-]  :-]


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"don´t bite"(my bad for not signing in first, noe how we do)

A Mag Neti cal emcee/wave ya handz,holla 4 scholars make dolla degreeze/dem wack lyricks worst den impala on threeze/rappin ya game´s like a dick disese/you spit it the same, so quit from ya kneeze/.......please

I´mma deliver it between the 2 of me,one to hold the casket and one to rip ya eulogy/ it´s on occasion i feel it exclusively, like personal jewelry grim reaper toulery cause ya status needs anuva episode matta fact i´ll cock back and u could reload

Choose between realms:

it´s all in how u word it(nice wit wordz,splicin verbz)
nontoxic but you still allergic(vocal premier  ice occured)
feelin-da-pain-of-auh-slurr-gist(oral reinditionist/smack seeds w/auhhypnotist)
itchy finguhaz norman bate-Burgeez-(Still figur-ing just whut this is!)
verbal blitz splurgeez make me the king of the stadium...I´ll,take lata half the earth and across the equater original intercontinental intoxicator(praise God 4 our black dutchesness)(as much in this,from fuss to fist)(to fist to cuff it aint enuff ya got ta raise em up)(ladies-of-few u-noe whut-ta-do)(our black queens need a point from U)(so holld em down and handle bizz)(black man dismantle kids)(ain´t how I live...........,
"you got to raise em up we wavin tough""it ain´t enough kidz  be raised kurupt"blazin up""token that crazy stuff"preverted scattered wordz ta bluff" \

Imma stop,............onetime rep n dis witt deep love LWhy


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nigga wu´s here?[kingdavid]
nigga wu´s here[kingdavid]

clap your hands for the beginning of a nice life


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(not to diss anyone just some harmless bragging)
Yo theres no battle that I cant Handle
always blow out mc´s like Im blowing a candle
and the shit I spit is stainless steel
Im try keep it real causse thats the way how I feel
and the Im the new addition to local hip hop
wont forget tradition you know I wont stop
and I´ll express myself wether wrong or right
big up to motif cause your rhymes are tight