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Media in South Africa suckking hip hop´s balls

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did we ask for this?  we were crying for the media to give us attention but now they are using it for their own evil ways.  they don´t even push real hip hop in tv and adverts and radio.  

we should never sell our souls.



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live on the lunch table
Touched fables
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we should be demanding that they push SA hip-hop. as much as i love them but at the moment fuc seeing NY hip-hop on TV and hearing it on radio....

wabulawayo Kraal we kill - only time will reveal


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Funny you should mention that.  On Friday I received a call from this telemarketer saying he was doing research for a company.  This faggot, or tranny sounding character was asking me things like, what kind of cigarettes do I smoke, which clubs do I go to etc.  But the question that blurted out of his cum infested mouth was "Do you like R&B/Hip Hop"?
I then asked him what he meant by R&B/Hip Hop.  He then gave me an explanation saying things like "oh you know like Britney Spears or P Diddy".  I looked at my phone thinking should I bang this against the wall?  I then explained to him that this company should refrain from using the term "hip hop" in their survey and I demanded to speak to his supervisor.  He put me through to the supervisor,anyway I then explain that they should stop immediately using the term "hip hop".  She tells me that who am I to tell her etc.,  I then asked her to define hip hop, needless to say she couldn´t answer that, so i asked her why are you using the term?  when what you think hip hop is, it actually isn´t, so you are asking you question in the wrong way, you should be asking, "do you listing to R&B/Rap".  

you see we are loosing ownership to responsibility of hip hop.  We have a responsibility as "hip hop hearts" (thanks to Shamiel X for coining that) that we cannot let a corporate show the ma**es what hip hop is.  We need to continually fight and engage with the media, just the same way that Emile from Black Noise has been doing for years, and that he continues to do so today, we need to do this.  I´m going to keep on doing this, making sure that not one corporate influenced hip hop website will ever have the chance to put up a website and last.  you would have noticed how many people are jumping on the bandwagon this year, even some websites, but look at them, they fall, they disappear, and the real hip hop hearts remain, as always, walking within the movement.

that´s why your Nelly´s and Ja Rules will exist for a moment, and people like Krs One and Public Enemy will exist forever.



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Wor dto that Mr Mikman i feel the last point u said  ;-)
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