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Freestyle Batles

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aigh, i heard yall say u getin bored of these batle forums so.. here´s ya chance to make it a lil mo exciting..

drop any battle verse freestyle or not (preferably freestyle), and we´ll make a cipher chain. and u basicly have to reply to the person that went before you

so if i go first, the next person replies to me, then the next person replies to him and on and on


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I guess i´ll be tha first and embara** ma sexy a**
They say i´m half an MC cauz i suck at freestyles
I´ll jus stick to bein tha next Puffy
Who in tha hell gave me tha mic cauz i be sweatin on stage
I be like 8 mile- tha words jus wont come out
So i get a couple boos and beer cans thrown at me
I still claim to be tha best
I´ll batlle u anytime
I get knocked out tha first round like Isis baby give it up
Hell no!! i´m tha greatest MC of all time
Don think it hurts ma feelings when ma lp sits on the shelf collectin dust
I jus take a couple puffs and become an imaginary WU affiliate
U can probably do betta so take it from here
This might be ma last rhyme i guess i´m tha black album
Nuff said- next MC grab this mic from me :-[


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word Isis

i juggle paragaphs, swing from graphs, move off the page into another dimension
the lyrical ascension, my defence mechanism will put you out of the question,
i erase you and replace with an explanation mark,
the reality is stark,
you never got a chance to start,
before you woke up i was at the finish line,
the design is fine and on time the sign is mine the climb
is hard you will hang like the cliff and slip the rope will rip a paralysed lip will discontinue your due to be paid you never weighed in i laid in the gutter and grabbed your shins from below to show you the underground we walked the tunnels you could hide a couch in your frown
for the way you were perceiving this area
you ran and i said the less the merrier



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if it aint the infamous chuck norris, please dont bore-us//
why dont u just get mara d and establish a f*kin chorus//
my people aint to be f*ked with niga, just ignore-us//but
feel free to adore-us//what kinda name is chuck norris,
bring ya whole "army" niga we rip off ya ´shoulders´//cuz
just like ya role model, ya days r f*kin over// and the first
bitch, "HAYI-SIS" MAN! u just dissin yaself danm disgrace//
what was the point of u comin´ here in the first place!//go
on and hide ya face//infact,i strongly suggest u both call
it quits n retire like Mase//my freestyles would overshine
both ya verses with the minimum of concentratin//u r lyricaly
disabled and curing u is impossible, not even dr dre would know
where to start that operation//get it? or maybe ya computers
aint the only thing wid slow prosessors//especially mr chuck
norris, who´s all female like Goddesa//u cant detect me,
too fast for the eye n even motion sensors!

*(these are battle verses,so dont take any of the shit too personally..)


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these batle forums r so boring nowadays


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once more i get a chance to dine with emcees#
its real for sure,it was seen in the prophecies#
my rhymes come with with tha tymes#
truth embroidered in my lines#
mind obsessed with da beauty of da evil paper#

General In8

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Ay yo kingdavid

I c u on sum otha tip
honestly u spittin shit
I´ll annihiliate all your mixed tapes
Cos dey be givin me heartbreak
Thought nigga was in da game
Never knew he rhymed so lame
Dat da ink was runnin out
Nd brain power was cut out
I shed blood tears
My worst fears
Are finally comin true
Damn nigga who invented you?
I tried to erase the moment
But im afraid it´ll stay printed forever
Those torturous lines
Embedded in my mind
Givin me a concussion
Wen i engage in discussion

No beef hey

Nd yall dont diss me, cos i don no SHIT!
spread love in da music


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ay molybdenum

i spit rhymes that are more poisonous than ether
living your whole life bitter
you ain´t worth battlin me
you worth workin for me
cuz you thinkin you tarzan that´s why you playin brave
imma take off tha game and turn you into my slave
if ya is throwin punchlines i throw punch verses
feed you your my tlines till you collapse
i aint evil, i´m the devil
i ain´t that type of nigga that gonna hoola at ya
i´m tha type that gonna spit fire at ya
imma see ya again

no beef :-D