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Quote from: "Immortal Technique"
Sept. 30th in Watsonville Immortal Technique will return to do an event in response to the ma** raids that have become more commonplace in California. This is not a show, this is a Revolutionary action.

These raids that are attacking the very core of our people are being applauded abhorrently by both sides of our perceived political spectrum, and only condemned by people who want to use our slave labor. It seems as if all those people who were immigrants and those who were once slaves in America have forgotten what it means to be struggling...And to have their pain ignored.

This is not simply activism, this is a networking of Black and Brown and anyone else aligned in a struggle that goes beyond rhetoric. We must create a group of people that not only legally addresses the issues of our families being broken up ("illegal" parents deported and natural born citizen Latinos kept here), but also speak about the fashion in which the government and right and left wing organizations are getting a pa** for their modern day racism.

They have tried to divide the movement by turning working cla** blacks and whites against us. The same way they have demonized Islam in the media to justify their war on terror. As if one should ever judge a religion by its worst examples. Were not the crusaders avid Christians, didn't preachers in the mid 1900's advocate segregation, wasn't Nazi Germany a Christian Nation. They do not represent the message of Christ for me, only the typical abuse of power we see from all religious organizations throughout history.

Race my people is a self fulfilling prophecy, it was created to facilitate the oppression of people even though those that built the structure of this nation knew well enough about the achievements of Black and Brown people. It is an obvious distraction which is why we are using this forum to look at the legal and economic issues behind these raids and the legislation about Illegal immigrants.

And it's not just the right; the left in America is typically not far from them on some of these issues. They believe that racism exists inside a vacuum and that it must come in the form of neo-Nazism, or with someone wearing a KKK hood. But all of us here...all of us whether they be White, Black, Latino, Asian, Middle eastern, or of such mixed ancestry that it stopped mattering...we all know that racism is alive and well in the private sector, in the police department, fire department, wall street/corporate America, the entertainment industry, politics, etc... This isn't to detract from the hard work most of these men and women do in these positions, we applaud any real aid to the community, this isn't an argument for it being institutionalized like it was in the 50's and 60's. I won't taint the argument by going overboard, but there is no question that it still exists. And it's not just 'lingering' as the president said in his first speech to the NAACP, who was too happy that he just admitted that. It is not just surviving in stasis; it is presently doing the same thing that all living things do, evolving.

We all must know, not just in Hip Hop, but as a Nation that race is as much of a creation of man as anything (because there is no difference in our DNA as human beings, just in our phenotype)
Racism is like a mythical weapon for Black and Brown people. It's like that ring in the Lord of The Rings movie, only certain people can use it to gain power, but when we use it, it corrupts and destroys us. The Black community is biased how could it not be? It's comprised of human beings, and don't even let start about how biased and twisted Latino peoples ideas on race can be. Middle Easterners have their biases, so do Jews, and Asians, and Indigenous people all over the world...

But racism is power that one achieves through implementing policy that is guided by the favor of race. Some people gain from that but since we control no industry to consolidate wealth we just end up destroying ourselves with it. And strangely enough we are still playing into the hands of those that utilize it when we are forced to address it and take our mind for a second away from the cla** issues that it was built to disguise. That is why I suggest that we link the economic issues with these issues now. And attack them when we find them.

We have in front of us a group of people who are the very fabric of America, literally because they made all the clothes we are wearing right now. I have fought for Asians though I am not an Asian when their legacy was disrespected by the racist tsunami song and to make people aware of the child slave sex trade when it wasn't even a media issue. I have spoken out against Anti Semitism to address that the hatred of Jewish peoples under a fascist regime originated from their ideas about economics and creating a nation within a nation when that government no longer addresses its needs, (pure genius on their part). I saw the way that Hitler used their race to denounce them for the success of their economics in the face of his failed war machine and capitalist impulse. I am only part Black but I have dedicated my life to the advancement of our African heritage being spoken of in its correct context of world history. For just as the Greeks were taught by the Egyptians, so were the Egyptians taught by the Nubians, after all, where did all life begin. I spoke out about the denouncing of Arabs and the racism they felt after 9/11 though I am not an Arab or even a Muslim. I did it not because I wanted to champion Islam, or champion Palestine, but rather to champion the truth and a people suffering under neocolonialism as mine have.

Now no one can fault me for addressing the conflict of our own people who are suffering the most in America. And all those whose people I have never turned away from addressing, I simply ask of you to grace them with the same dedication and pa**ion that we have fought against other belligerent injustices in Hip Hop and as a people in general. If you are in the Central Cali, or Bay Area or can make it to this event from wherever under such short notice...

Please come and support the cause....... f*** that, become part of the solution...


work with the newly formed "Justice Network for Migra Watch"...

Come out and GET INVOLVED!

WHERE: CABRILLO COLLEGE WATSONVILLE CENTER, 318 Union St. (by plaza), in Watsonville

TIME: 2pm-6pm

COST: There is no cost to organize! But donations are welcome.

Spread the word!

psst...also...Friday night...

TECHNIQUE will make a special appearance at La Pen~a de Waztlanco on
Friday, Sept. 29th, @ 8pm in the Brown Beret Office (406 Main St., behind Ritmo Latino).

We will be showing a documentary titled TLATELOLCO: LAS CLAVES DE LAMASACRE, honoring the fallen soldiers at the Tlatelolco ma**acre of 1968 in Mexico City.

There will be music, poetry, spoken word, freestyles, revolutionary education, kickback, and cool people. Bring some food. Bring your friends and musical instruments! It's a free event!

About Las Claves de la Masacre: El documental Tlatelolco: las claves de la masacre, reune todo el material cinematografico conocido sobre los sucesos del 2 de octubre 1968; identifica a los jefes militares que provocaron la matanza y exhibe documentos fundamentales para poner en evidencia los mecanismos utilizados por las fuerzas represivas y por el gobierno en
contra del movimiento estudiantil.

Peace & Respect,