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state oh hip hop in mzansi


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6 years ago there were not a lot of cats dropping cd's and sales were still not good.
2006 by october over 300 albums,mixtapes and e.p's by cats from all nine provinces have been released, i.e"

north west
free state
northern cape
western cape
eastern cape

now the unfortunate part of these good story is i was in pretoria and unfortunately nevers saw a single album from that city in the street or in-store.

how do we as south africans buy albums we dont have access to?

there is a lot of artist who release albums and if you dont live in j-sec you cant get their material,and they don't sell the good in j-sec.

q2. are we doing enuff to put out material in the streets or are we hoping people will hear us on radio and board planes from capetown,durban etc to buy our albums in j-sec?
bcos i wont waste 45.00 bucks for a cab frm rustenburg to j-sec to buy a 60.00 bucks mixtape, i rather buy a jay-z album at reliable for 85.00 bucks


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dude i think maybe this thread is going to be overlooked on some oh damn not that discussion again.  I hope not- you raise serious points again about D.I.S.T.R.I.B.U.T.I.O.N., access, preference and supporting local industry.

Shit is messed man.  Rather buy Jigga than local coz of access? And artists blame the market! f*** that peope need to wake up.

AG is a helpful place man I think it could do more ito exactly what you're bringing up.  Not my fight.