Hip-Hop is broken beat-yeah???

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Ahoy there everyone.
This is the first time I have visited this forum and reading through the posts, it all looks good and that everyone seems to be up for things happening.

If I could introduce myself.
I run a site called
Milkdaddy knows me and if you wanna take a look, the next issue-which comes out every month and the next one this weekend, has an article on this here very site.(under the exposure section)

I am about promoting the broken beat culture in SA, so no it isnt only about Hip-Hop and no its not only about D´n´B/breaks but anything that is broken.
Im looking into promoting more Hip-Hop as there isnt really much in this way as yet on the site-Im new in CT so dont really know anyone in the scene yet.

Im not into jumpin on bandwagons and Im sure Milkdaddy will confirm that Im not a flyby site looking to get in-if you know what I mean.

Anyway check the site out, hit me back with your thoughts and if you wanna give me info to promote the scene-Im here for it-