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--- Quote from: "zoolooo1" ---so what it u know Morale

--- End quote ---

fall back!


--- Quote from: "briCK" ---The same cats bashng Selwyn are the same cats bashing aboZak Dakile..cats have NO clue what cats have done to make this hip hop shit in SA what it is..I can't belive it myself but in less that 12years Hip hop heads changed from amapunk to whats in...which is ironically the reason I don't want to be assosiated with hip hop and heads..were it not for cats like Shimani, Loco, Spex, Motherload era cats, Snazz, some AV members, East Rand heads, VOS, boZak, Blaze Bionic, Tumi and LOOOOOOOOOONG list of fuckers no-one would have the never to even say Moral and Selwyn in the Same breath.

I know Moral personaly used to roll with him and his click back when he was in NSA..I even recorded with dude(yes I am shining on his shine) when he Morale was leraning how to rap Selwyn was waxing motherfuckers with his off the Tops..while I agree that Mo is nice with his raps he would not go at Selwyn with much luck...wanna know Selwyn as Amu, Shimani, Loco, Shorty skillz Snazz they all be burnt.

There is sme shit that you can let slide and say opinion is just opinion..but somethings can not be left to opinion anyone who know anything about SA Hip Hop knows wassup...
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time to stop livin in the past! cats like moral is whats happenin now! we takin over and whether yall like it or not, we changin the game cos we tired of the shit we hearin and seein all day! thanks a lot for them cats laying the foundation - amu,poc,tumi,snazz fo sho! cashless society,zak,badboyT - thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! they planted the seed but now Brick feels threatened by the the seed growing?, the roots are bound to put some cracks in the foundation man! thats life! deal with it!

so what if u been in the game forever! ur only as good as ur last hit! period!!!!! the same shit they did in the last 15yrs, cats like moral is gon do for the next 15yrs and better!!!!!!

MrC The Rap God Almighty:
You gotta be kidding me right ! Me ? An AMU beat ? Clearly you have no fuckin clue who you're talking to youngin.

What does success have to do with being a dope MC ?. Does it mean they WACK just cos 16 year old girls who watch MTVBase, BET and Channel O don't buy their shyt ? Please nigga. We are talking about skills here. U ever heard Selwyn freestyle ? U ever heard his track on Maximum Sentence ? Like i said, he chose his route to do the kind of music he does, but REAL NIGGAS KNOW, COS WE BEEN THERE !!!! Where the fuck where ya'll when dude was ripping Le Club. Based on that and the fact that i like most of the Formula makes him dope to me.

Ohh and being REAL has nothing to do with being a HUSTLER. Talk is cheap. Let's c ya'll cats in a year.




--- Quote from: "cash" ---and the next AMU beat goes to................MR C!!!!!!

hahaha. congratulations!

i got 3 epmd albums - strictly business, back in business, out of business! im clued up dude! believe me! but do the maths! you used to see him at carlton center in 89 and he still cant get more than 10 000 fans! he was featured on a POC track and he still aint gone global like they did! what has he got to show for +10yrs in the game except the Oscar Award! he cliamed that the formula was the theorem to crack the industry and sell records! it failed dismally!

now he's back wit no video, no real single, still no real following!
i listened to the formula! its garbage! thats my opinion!

i respect that u got your tastes straight up cos even a broken clock is right at least 2 times a day!

--- End quote ---

Yo MRC dont need a Amu beat trust me.

And ya to each his own.

The selwyn Album is dope maybe you should give it a listen and review it for us. Then we can start talking cause all of this is based on your assumptions.

For the record: It is Amu that needs a MRC beat "  check yourself before you wreck yourself"


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