Last DAy @ graft


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I dunno about you about its been a bittersweet year for me.
I'm so glad its coming to an end.

Today is my last at work, bonus in he bank and I can't even blow it but at least I get a holiday. Sunday I'm hitting Ponta D'Ouro Mozambique in a big way, they have no idea!

what are you peeps up to this festive?


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will be in lesotho next week sumtime! craziest new year's parties anywhere in SADC i tell u! 8)
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Me too! I be singing the holiday anthem:

"If I had the money of a millionare & I could choose to go live anywhere there is nowhere I would rather be.
Save your space coz theres no place like home!!!"

~Zubz - "No Place Like Home" Headphone Music in a parallel world.

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@ Nat better brush up on that Portuguese! On some "não falo o português"  :lol:


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I'll be home next week Sunday in Durbs.....damn I miss home and my moms cooking and all  :roll:  :roll:

Definitely there's no place like home
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Between selling my car and sorting my life out, I've been bouncing around like a motherf***er.

EL this past week, back in Jozi tonight, Maritzburg for this weekend, Quilalea in Mozambique for next week. Then back in Joburg until January, when it's the UK BABY!!!
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