Party with a purpose (but what’s the purpose?)


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Now here was a dope event I really was looking forward to. The line-up of artists for once was good and the entrance fee was anything you could use to “kit a kid for school”…pretty clever catch phrase huh? I figured at least R30 worth of stationery would do the trick? Well on the night would you believe that some person at the door tried to charge an additional R30! What the f*c*? The more I spoke to people, the more I found I wasn’t the only one who experienced this! Now I read and reread the articles in the newspaper, just to make sure of the facts. No entrance fee was ever mentioned, not even during the TV interview. So when this happened I decided; f*c* the whole thing! Some people were really great and even bought school uniforms for the kids, but even they were charged the extra fee at the door. I’m generally suspicious when it comes to any fundraising or charity events, considering the fact that the percentage of the proceeds that finally gets to the kids is so miniscule. So I’m just putting this shit out there. We need to hold people accountable!