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With Prodigy prepping his upcoming CD Return of the Mac, SOHH went one on one with the Mobb Deep rapper about getting his independent money, working with The Alchemist and bringing his videos straight to the people.

"I'm feeling good about it, it's on once again, it's on... This was a combined effort, we put our heads together, we was like 'yo let's make this some old cla**ic shit,'" Prodigy told SOHH of his Return of the Mac project - a 14-track collection fueled by Alchemist's 1970's influenced beats. "Alc started pulling out all these old samples and I said 'Yeah, that's perfect.' It fits with the title. Return of the Mac, except it's M-A-C like the gun. It had a catch to it."

While Return of the Mac will be coming out through Koch Records, Prodigy has no intention of leaving the G-Unit camp permanently.

"Basically Fif is a good nigga, he let us get our independent money wit our solo albums. In turn we got Mobb Deep on G-Unit. It works out for our pockets, it's a great situation, lots of money from more directions. He [50 Cent] doesn't try to hold us back or take percentages, he's just like 'Do your thing - get your bread,'" Prodigy explained. "It's basically just a mixtape anyway to get people ready for the H.N.I.C. 2 album, but it came out so good people are going to treat it like an album, it's gonna sell like an album."

Return of the Mac has already spawned videos for "Mac 10 Handle" [Watch] and "New York Shit" [Watch] which can be found on YouTube, an approach that P says he felt was most appropriate for this project.

"My whole way of operating is take it to the streets first. We're not trying to take it to the mainstream. We got the big commercial singles through Mobb Deep. 'Mac 10 Handles' was something where I thought I gotta be seeing what I'm saying. Dan the Man over at G-Unit put that together, he did 50's 21 videos for The Ma**acre - it came out gangsta. We never follow trends --- with this video we're just saying we trendsetters," P explained. "It was on some different shit. We wanted to make it like a horror movie, to make people stuck when they see it. People wanna see some crazy shit. They wanna see P sweating in the room seeing the devil next to him."

A video for "Stuck on You," the first national radio single off Return of the Mac will also be available on YouTube shortly. Return of the Mac hits shelves on March 27. Fans can also expect Prodigy's next solo project H.N.I.C. 2 in late 2007.


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Prodigy has always been bringin that raw sh!!

i hope he does well! ive been a fan of mobbdeep since before i started rappin! now that he goin alone we'll get to understand P more! something to look out for in 07!!!! dont think he'll be able to shake up the industry tho but ima still look out for some dope tracks!!! im feelin the mixtape stuff he doin wit big mike and whookid!