H0-H0-H0,kelly Khumalo was booed offstage

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Ho-ho-ho as 'virgin'act booed off stage  
By Therese Owen

Tee hee. Kelly Khumalo was booed off stage at the final Edgars Music Series at The Ba**line, Newtown, on Friday night. Perhaps people are finally getting bored of her flashing everything between her bury-me-in-a-Y-shaped coffin thighs whenever she performs live.

Finally, her time as the virgin queen has come to an end. A word of advice, Kelly - don't get all skanky on our a**es after KB has put on such a brilliant performance. You will look like the amateur you're trying so hard not to be.

"The gig was a life-changing experience," admitted my hip-hop/kwaito sidekick.

"KB was fah-nomenal. Welcome back to the industry, baby!"

"Sliq Angel started playing and no one knew where he was. He came from the audience, got on stage and blew up. He has really improved since he cut off his dreads.

"He was well-rehearsed, and very stylised. He had amazing power over the audience. He said clap and they clapped. He said cry and they cried."

The hip-hop/kwaito sidekick was somewhat disappointed with the kwaito side of the concert.

"Chippa was overweight and standard. Shana was also standard. But Skwatta Kamp's Slikour was great. They went mad when Flabba came on stage. It proves that Skwatta, contrary to popular belief, is still hot with the crowd."

This is the second season in the Edgars Music Series and the most successful to date . Almost every show was packed out and YFM, Edgars and the Ba**line did very well to bring some of the top acts to Newtown. Let's hope they carry on the events, as they are certainly one of the monthly highlights on the Jozi calendar.

They also are important to the development of the South African music industry. The production is professional and the stars on the night generally rise to the occasion.

Friday night was also happening at the 88 Lounge in Norwood, where Harris Tweed and Josie Fields performed on an evening dedicated to new folk. Harris Tweed play intelligent new pop folk.

They are one of the more promising bands on our music scene. They will be travelling to Austin, Texas, on Sunday for the South By South West festival taking place next week in the US.

They were chosen from 10 000 bands from around the globe to perform at this prestigious showcase, and playing at the same venue that Corinne Bailey Rae performed at last year.

Let's hold thumbs for another one of South Africa's great white hopes.

Josie Field is my new hero. I love her. I love her. I love her. Her performance is enchanting, spiritual and magnificent. She is a world-cla** performer and one of the most exciting artists I have seen in years. If she is performing at a venue near you, it is imperative that you attend.


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aaaww. we didnt know. harris tweed AND josie. josie is lovely. wow. bummer. siphosiwe.
would be sooo nice to get more of the hooks ups before. theres a lot of that missing here. theres so much niceness out there. a whole world. so those in the know. please do keep em coming. we want to see the other children.

note to tate: texas. your neck of the woods buddy. be there. do what you do. on some images for the people.
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