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jozi graff

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just would like 2 say 2 all writers in and around good ol st.jozi´s 2 stop wit their hatin games and start to unite wit ya fellow writers coz it seems dat
every cat dat writes there gots beef wit other cats dat write.u makin the
graff scene just a hatin is in london right now and peeps here are luaghing their arses of when we cheked a forum of jozi writers uniting

shouts 2 token cms and RSU!!!! :-(


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yeah stop the hating
live on the lunch table
Touched fables
Ducked labels
cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
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many ill cats in jhb, graf heads i mean. to name a few:
PYE, MYSA, Rusty, MSE, Gogga, Ata......
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    • Butan Wear" TARGET="_blank">Pioneer Jozi Graff Dred was caught  bombing and now in the pen
Y´all make sure someones got your back wen you doing your thing. It must be such a rush i reckon...possiblity of getting caught  is always there, and all u tryna do is leave a nice mark..... i think a year and a half is bit much...


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Shiasus man, Dred is in jail??!! That´s going too far!
People´s walls are fukin ugly anyway and now they wanta keep them that way? Badom! If he put something on my wall I´d be like, "Free decoration, yeah!" now people wanta incarcerate an outie? People are property crazed.

Is Dred the same guy as Bhoza (you used to see that around- there´s still a nice old example in Yeoville)?
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minwana mithathu


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keep the  graf nice an tidy... ;-)
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yes, i must agree with the opening post. a while back, i and some graff buddies bombed emmarentia bridge. so we come back next week, lo and behold some weener graffed over my peice. i didnt want to, but i had to tag ´penis pal´ all over that dude´s throwie. f*** that, unite we must if defend graff we shall. the bomb is in you. and me

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