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Movie mistakes

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Revealing: In the "Battle of Carthage" in the Colosseum, one of the chariots is turned over. Once the dust settles you can see a gas cylinder in the back of the chariot. (Timecode available)

 Visible crew/equipment: After the battle with the Germanians, the next morning after the tavern, he is walking in the army camp and he feeds a horse a piece of apple. If you look closely between Maximus and the horse, there is a crewman wearing a pair of blue jeans. (Timecode available)

 Deliberate "mistake": In the fight scene with the chariots Maximus takes one of the horses from a chariot and jumps on it. The horse already has a saddle complete with stirrups despite the fact it was pulling a chariot and not carrying a rider. (Timecode available)

 Revealing: When Lucilla takes her hand and closes Maximus's eyes after he dies you can clearly see him blink.

 Continuity: In the beginning of the film at the major fight sequence. When you see the Romans shield themselves with the rectangular shields against the barbarian's arrows and then they charge at each other. If you look closely enough, you can see two Roman soldiers standing there having a great laugh, one pointing a sword smiling, and the other one staring at the ground laughing to his heart's delight.


 Continuity: In the scene where Agent Smith is interrogating Neo, after Smith has sealed Neo's mouth shut and he is backed into the corner, when the camera cuts back to Smith you can clearly see a reflection in his gla**es of Neo still sitting down in the chair.

 Visible crew/equipment: When Neo is going to open the door to enter the Oracle's house, you can clearly see a camera on the doorknob. There's a sheet over it painted to look like the wall behind it, with a representation of Morpheus' tie too, because he's blocked by the camera. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: Neo and Trinity kill all those soldiers on the roof before the agent comes to fight them. The agent shoots at Neo and during the whole dodging bullets scene every single corpse is gone. More to the point, Trinity's disappeared too! (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Neo is out on the scaffolding and loses his phone, in one shot you see the phone falling towards an empty street, then you cut to Neo, and then back to the falling phone. This time the street is filled with people and a big parade. (Timecode available)

 Visible crew/equipment: In the scene 'Rooftop Rescue', when Morpheus is hanging from Neo's arm (who is hanging from the helicopter), a safety wire is visible running out of Morpheus' sleeve and into Neo's hand. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene with Laurence Fishburne fighting the agent in the bathroom of the building they were trapped in, the agent punches through a brick wall, yet next time we see the wall, there is no damage. (Timecode available)

 Visible crew/equipment: When the 3 agents visit the roof top where Neo saved Trinity from the chopper, you can clearly see the camera crew in the agents' sungla**es. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Neo comes to work he glances at the name of his company. The sign says Metacortex. When Neo is running from the agents there is a sign on the back wall which says Meta Cortechs. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: The first time Neo comes out of the Loading Program, and is about the throw up, it shows you a shot from his eyes and the floor is clear of anything, and then it does a shot of him throwing up and he does so on a bunch of wires. The angle changes too - the POV shows all the lines in the grate at about 45 degrees, but when he throws up, they're all horizontal in relation to him. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Neo first meets Morpheus, Morpheus extends his right hand with his other hand behind his back. Next shot shows Morpheus with his left hand at his side, and when he withdraws his hand, it is back behind his back. Talk about fast hands! (Timecode available)

 Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Neo is at the office, while in his cubicle, he gets an express delivery. As he signs for it you can see another arm laying on the desk behind him. In the next shot he hands back the clipboard, you see it is only him and the delivery man. [Only visible in 4:3 format.] (Timecode available)

 Revealing: During the fight scene between Neo and the agent in the subway station, after Neo incapacitates the agent and flips out of the way of the oncoming train, you can see where the wire harness connected to his back. You can also see one of the wires visible by his wrist. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Mouse is in the room with the brick window, he drops one long box that is a**umed to be full of guns. The scene cuts to Tank and then Mouse again. When he gets out the guns, he pushes 2 smaller boxes off the long box which weren't there before. (Timecode available)

 Revealing: When it is Neo's turn to make the Jump he takes a run up, and the camera changes to a brief sideshot of him running across the top of the building with the sky behind him. There is a big fuzzy blobby outline around him which should have been edited out. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene where Neo comes back from the conversation with the oracle, a part of the cookie, which he has got from the oracle, is bitten off. A few seconds later he wants to eat the cookie and there is no sign of a bite anymore. (Timecode available)

 Deliberate "mistake": Whenever Trinity confronts the agent on the rooftop and says, "Dodge this", she points her gun to temple of the agent while his head is turned to her. He glances back, but never fully turns his head. The next scene show him being shot facing Trinity...with a shot in middle of his forehead. Some people think it's to do with the angle he enters the soldier's body to start with, but the angle change is clearly visible before he changes back into the original body. (Timecode available)

 Plot hole: When Morpheus and his crew rescued Neo from the Matrix, how was it possible that Neo's real self had his ear pierced? (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Neo is fighting the agent in the subway, he wipes his blood on the back of his hand, but when he puts his fists up the blood is gone. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Tank comes in to talk to Neo about training in Neo's cell, the strap on Tank's shoulder moves from being on his skin when he's in the doorway to on his shirt in subsequent shots. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: Shadows move about during the rooftop battle - easiest benchmarks are the shadow stretching towards us from the chimney-type thing at the start, then Trinity's stretching horizontally after she throws the knife at the remaining trooper. (Timecode

 Continuity: When on the roof, Neo fires at the enemy agent, who dodges all his bullets, but the windows of the building behind him are undamaged. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the first scene in which Neo appears, we see him from above, sleeping in front of his computer. The keyboard he is using is a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro with the atypical curved key configuration. When messages begin appearing on his screen, he tries to stop them by hitting various keys, but the closeup of the keys show keys from a standard keyboard that are clearly not the keys on a Natural Keyboard Pro. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the lobby shoot up scene, when Trinity kicks the shotgun into her hands, watch carefully. She shoots, cocks, then the shot changes to her cocking again. And then, a shell comes out of the shotgun right after the shot. (Timecode available)

 Other: When Neo is running along while shooting, it switches to a shot of a soldier firing a shotgun. Just before Trinity kicks it out of his hands, he's firing at the same spot over and over. Trinity is behind him, and Neo is moving, so what is he shooting at? (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the beginning of the move when Neo gets the FedEx envelope, he is shown at his desk opening the envelope and then pouring it out...As he is pouring the phone out, with the green packing label on the top, the shot cuts "seamlessly" to a close up of the phone being poured out the rest of the way.  However, the envelope is now flipped over.  The logo FedEx logo is now on top (the packing label is facing down

 Continuity: In the interrogation room. Mr. Smith has a green file with him with Neo data accumulated. Smith opens the file and leafs through a few sheets, without removing any, but in subsequent shots we can see that some sheets have been removed from the file and put on the left. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the kitchen scene with Neo and the Oracle, the Oracle is baking cookies. When the Oracle takes the cookies out of the oven and brings them to the table there are 4 cookies on the plate. As she offers a cookie to Neo there are 6 cookies on the plate. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene where Neo is brought out of the building you clearly see the police officer push the car door open and turn his head to the rear of the car, yet in the next cut where we are viewing the scene from the reflection in Trinity's side view mirror his head is facing forward again. (Timecode available)

 Factual error: When Trinity is being arrested, you hear the cops all burst into the room and cock the hammers on their Glocks. The Glock doesn't have an external hammer. To load the weapon, you have to pull the slide back and release it. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When they are down on the ground shots they show everyone driving on the right side of the road, but when there are aerial shots, you can see everyone driving on the left side of the road.

 Continuity: On the skyscraper, when Neo and Trinity kill all of the soldiers, Agent Brown comes to the roof. Neo immediately draws his guns and fires until both of his clips are empty. After that, Neo drops his guns, just as Agent Brown aims at him. During Bullet-Time there are no guns on the floor. When he hits the ground, then the guns are left and right of his legs. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Morpheus first takes Neo into the Construct and is explaining it all to him, you can see Neo's reflection in his gla**es, but when the camera shows Neo, he is wearing different clothes and standing in a different position and moving. (Timecode available)

 Audio problem: In the lobby shootout scene, when Trinity starts kicking one of the guards after he goes to reload and reaches for a new clip, you can hear her yell the first time she kicks him, but the next two times, although her mouth opens the same way, the audio's been silenced. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene where Morpheus is being interrogated by the agent alone, the camera switches from behind Morpheus, to just forward of him and back a few times.  If you look at the agent's hand on Morpheus' head, you can see that his fingers switch from behind his ear to both sides of his ears as the camera changes. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: As Neo fights the guards in the main floor of the government building, he does a one handed somersault while shooting at the guards.  If you watch closely on a shot behind Neo, he is aiming his gun way off to the right side yet still manages to shoot the guards. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the subway fight scene, the shot where the agent is holding Neo down while the train is coming, you can see the Agent's tie in front of his arms, in the shot just as Neo is getting ready to jump with the agent you can see the agent's tie neatly pinned back with a tie clip. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: When Neo and Morpheus are in the hallway to see The Oracle, the shot of Neo's hand on the knob shows Morpheus with his sungla**es on. Morpheus is in shot the whole time when the door's opened, and he doesn't move an inch, but in the front shot as he walks through the door, his sungla**es have suddenly been removed. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene where Neo is on the ledge outside of the office trying to follow Morpheus's instructions, he wraps his hand around the pillar to attempt at making a pa**. If you look, you can see multiple hand prints from where Reeves had repeated the shot over and over. (Timecode available)

 Continuity: In the scene where Neo is waiting under the bridge to go into the car with Trinity, Switch and Apoc, watch when the car pulls up, you see the back door open completely and then it cuts and then you see Trinity open it again. (Timecode available)

 Other: In the shot where Neo and agent Smith are hanging in the air shooting at each other, there are no shells coming out of their guns. (Timecode available)