Elementz Gig.


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TUT Hip-Hop Society presentz n All Element hip-hop session Thursday April, 26th. 8)

letz do this the convensional basik style:

What_all element hip-hop session
Where_ Tut Baske' ball Courtz
When_ Midday 'till early nite(April 26)
Why_  :roll:
Who_ " the usual suspect Verbal kaizer so say" :),  :arrow: Graph artistz, Ballerz, B'boyz 'nd Girlz,turntablistz 'nd Wordsmiths. (haterz 'nd antiheadz r also welcome :x )
How_ the Grimmy Way :twisted:

"I'm playin' Star jus' 2 get close 'nd receive 4rom the Sun"- G.Shovel :idea:
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