Gulf War will shoot a hole in our pockets too

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Expect to pay as much as R8 per litre for your petrol if America attacks Iraq.  

You all know what that means huh?  Diesel would also go up thereby shooting up the price of food.

For those who earn less than R5000 a month I fail to understand how they are going to feed their children.

Let God be with us. :-[

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i think that whilst the rest of the world will be affected in a negative sense, America needs to be brought to an understanding that they are not as powerful as the think they are...

and this can - unfortunately - only be brought about by physical confrontation.

i would not like to see south african suffer, but i´d love to see president bush brought to his knees.
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Physical confrotation is not tha only way to stop this son of a bush
I, swt-kid, wish the american citezens can practise want they preach
therefore anyone can have their own views, own opinions and should not b shook 2 say them
So all my hiphop siblings in tha Unscrupolous States of America: STAND UP!
If I were there, I would take Bush to court for all the things he has been fukinn up!
Not delivering promises, legislature trying to shut down hiphop, fatcat military spending and NO DELIVERY.
WHAT is the difference between Mugabe and BuSH, race?

SO do it now! BLOCK tha roads, Disrupt tha tv broadcast, Jump off Tha Queesnsbridge, Phone tha whitehouse, MOVE SOMETHING!


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Unfortunatly the US is very powerful and i think it will take more than Iraq to bring it to its knees...

we are talking about a nation that spends 200bUS$...yes 200 billion dollars buget a year for its military reseach (this was in 2000) it could be up to 250bUS$ now...REASEACH AND DEVELOPMENT cummon...that is way too much to spend on research and development of arms.

more importantly scary is this is for the known projects now imagine what is unknown and how much they spend on that shit..imagine the stealth bomber had a working prototype in the 60´s as a secret project and was only made public in 1993...thats what...a state of the art machine developed and operational 33years prior to its unveiling..makes you wonder what they are secretly brewing...

no one country can stop them...
it has to be everyone aganist the them and if it does get to that...they gonna pull a kamakazee take the world with them...

they have the weapons from tectonic disrupters, core distabilisers, weather influenced weapons and not to forget nuclear missiles with the ability to go hit any target of they choice on eath from underground cylos and millitary bases and compounds

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man f*** bush we all know he got a hidden agend stop killing our people man all four my middle finger and toes in the air to him
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cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
I'd rather be mouth f***ed by Nazis unconscious