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What prizes would satisfy MCs and DJs at battles??? Who wants to build the scene

Emile YX

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Alright! I wanna know from DJs and MCs what they would do battle for as far as prizes are concerned at battles. I host Our Hip Hop festival, Shut Up Just dance, African Hip Hop Indaba, Battle of the Year, Cape Flats Uprising 10 leg school/community tour and African Battle Cry.

They've mostly been B-Boy or dance events, because MCs are a complicated bunch, with very few being entertaining for the general crowd/ audience. As a part-time "events promoter" and group manager, I have wondered what DJs and MCs actually want from what they do nowadays? Is it just for the culture or "keeping it real" or to improve their skills, or love on the art or making money or being famous or getting heard or getting signed or WHAT??? Whats your reason for doing this and what would you like to see happen in the scene nowadays.

I would love to know what you want to see happen in the local scene Cape Town and Nationally ... Whats your versio of progress?

Emile YX?