Emile YX? Celebrates his 40th Birthday on 20th July. Free CDs & Books to be won

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Peace All

Ja My Bru ... Its been a long time since I started breaking for Pop Glide Crew in 1982 and ja ... Im still breakdancing, MCing, doing graff, releasing CDs, writing books, hosting hip hop events like African Hip Hop Indaba and doing exactly what I want without their industry.

Anyway, for my 40th birthday pledge:-
(1) I am giving away 40 books and CDs, (FOR YOUR COPY OF CD & BOOK, ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION:- What was the name of the b-boy crew I started out with in 1982 AND SEND ANSWER AND YOUR ADDRESS TO:- EMILE YX?, P.O.BOX 31184, GRa**Y PARK 7888, CAPE TOWN 8000 OR EMAIL
(2) I am also organising new events and productions this year:- Here are a few ...

1. Human - Anti-Racism and Anti- Xenophobia CD will be released to 200 schools in the new term
2. Cape Flats Uprising / TheSouth African Newspaper will be available after the African Hip Hop Indaba
3. Best of Black Noise CD will be released at the Black Noise 20th Anniversary at the Baxter.
4. Some of the best Hip Hop acts and MCs like Jaak, Driemanskapp, Isaac Mutant, Skallywag, Garlic Brown, Ill Skills, Black Noise, Max Normal and more will be performing on the 1st August at the African Hip Hop indaba DJ, MC and Beatbox battle
5. Cape Flats Uprising and Black Noise 20th Anniversary Tour of 20 communities
6. Launch of Emile YX? Hip Hop DVD -
7. African Battle Cry

These are events that I have planned for the rest of 2008. Talk is Cheap ... Lets make real our words.
Emile YX?