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Submit songs For The Mixtape To Feature US Based Rasheeda


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Downtowninc.NET is putting together a mixtape to be hosted by Rasheeda (my bubble gum and featuring Akon in one of her frst singles some years back).Also provide the opportune to get featured on the same song wit Rasheeda,
Send your music leaving a blank verse when you want her to drop her verse to or to send title and name.thanks


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Cool initiative.

Who the hell is Rasheeda, and who the hell designed that cover?
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you like?
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rasheeda is a 'rapper'
calls herself the southern peach
mostly retarded rhymes about her being phly n such
stumbled across a video of hers a while back...
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@yeletide..... mind answering Rob's 2nd question?

i'm no designer but id prolly hook up a cover better than that
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