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Producer WARS aka Challenge


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Eish...been quit ne?

I cant unfortunately download any of yo'll flips, but ei...the judges are giving yo'll rough times ne?

PeeWee asked a very relevant question earlier, since we are all competing this time round, who is going to judge this year's competition?

Good question indeed.....
Let me put it this way, who will be on the final mixtape?

I hope that answers the question

well i must admit, im intrigued now to know what you and Remy are cooking up, but its cool, i suspect we will all know in time. unfortunately the prospect of a mixtape although intriguing still fails to answer the question, if at all you guys are working on something of that magnitude behind the veil, then what is the selection criteria going to be, how will one know if they made "the cut" ?............i propose we get someone to judge this battle, someone whose musical integrity can speak for itself, doesnt have to be a beat maker, can even be a seasoned listener...just an opinion... ::)

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there you do have a point, i am trying to get some "old timer" here to judge us up, but its a bit of an issue gettin holed off niccas, better yet, this will be national pretty soon.

The objective right now is to get kats up here.

To answer the question on judgement, for now we all judge, theses two levels are to initiate the main process, i think first of all we need to trust eachother and get points of view of work we all do.

For round two, we do have a judge.....
The man with the main idea behind this one.



*Thread creation in progress*

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I like FL Studio coz you can bang out outside instruments in it. Plus the shit you can do to samples is just crazy. But Reason seems to have better sound quality, especially the Drums. Plus you don't need virtual instruments coz its standalone and it has a huge library.