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murs sells, thats interesting

yeah, especially interesting cos the album is rubbish (and I don't mind murs usually)


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ll cool j on his way to retirement....sad

^^so true this.
knew it the moment he went on some: "have u breakin like Usher or Justin Timberlake". yeah sure LL, WTF dude! WTF!!!!
is a royal thing..


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LL's retirement is long overdue, he should have quit while he was ahead...
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November 5th, 2008 Author: Jake Paine

The "Grammy Family" may be gearing up for a chart takeover, with Kanye West and Common coming soon, and John Legend's Evolver being a Top 3 debut. T.I. traveled from that #3 spot to #7, a strong fall for the Atlanta rapper, whose now eclipsed the platinum, million mark with his Paper Trail
Lil Wayne stayed in his mid-twenties zone of recent, selling Tha Carter III, strongly towards three million. Young Jeezy remains strong with his Recession, again staying a few notches above LAX.

Rank  Artist                  Album                      This Week                 Est. Total
4     John Legend          Evolver                      132,823                   133,094
7        T.I.                   Paper Trail                  76,560                     1,047,627
15    Ne-Yo             Year of the Gentleman       26,574                      548,027
20    Lil Wayne            Tha Carter III               23,037                      2,624,722
28    Young Jeezy      Recession                       17,412                       578,973

The Game and LAX fell out of the Top 30 for the first time, still in a crowded pack with another potential chance at Top 25. Nelly was over 10,000 units behind with Bra** Knuckles, an area not occupied by any rap release.
DJ Khaled cracked the six-figure mark with his We Global. However, for independent artists, few were more shocking than Joe Budden, returning to the Top 200 for the first time in five years, with his digital album Halfway House, selling over 3,000 paid downloads.

Rank      Artist                    Album                   This Week                    Est. Total
35     The Game                  LAX                      14,121                               545,974
112    Nelly                        Bra** Knuckles       4,738                               157,063
126   DJ Khaled                We Global                3,535                               101,046
183   Joe Budden           Halfway House           3,174                                 3,174
185   Ice Cube                Raw Footage               3,093                              164,191


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