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Iv neva bin a Killah Priest fan, I prefer Chino xl and tech 9
anyway, Jay-z's verse on PUT ON
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"Only God Can Judge Me"
(2Pac feat. Rappin 4-Tay)

[Intro: 2Pac]

Only God can judge me, is that right?
[synth voice] Only God can judge me now
Only God baby, nobody else, nobody else
All you other motherf***ers get out my business

[Verse One: 2Pac]

Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the back
I couldn't trust my own homies just a bunch a dirty rats
Will I, succeed, paranoid from the weed
And hocus pocus try to focus but I can't see
And in my mind I'ma blind man doin time
Look to my future cause my past, is all behind me
Is it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?
Everybody's dyin tell me what's the use of tryin
I've been Trapped since birth, cautious, cause I'm cursed
And fantasies of my family, in a hearse
And they say it's the white man I should fear
But, it's my own kind doin all the killin here

I can't lie, ain't no love for the other side
Jealousy inside, make em wish I died
Oh my Lord, tell me what I'm livin for
Everybody's droppin got me knockin on heaven's door
And all my memories, of seein brothers bleed
And everybody grieves, but still nobody sees
Recollect your thoughts don't get caught up in the mix
Cause the media is full of dirty tricks
Only God can judge me

[Chorus: 2Pac]

[synth voice] Only God can judge me
That's right baby, yeah baby
[synth voice] Only God
[synth + Pac] Only God can judge me, only God can judge
[synth cont.] me, only God
Only God can judge me
[synth + Pac] Only God can judge me
And only God can
[synth voice] Only God can judge me, only God
Only God can judge me
[synth + Pac] Only God can judge me
Only God can judge me
[synth voice] Only God can judge me, only God
Only God can judge me
[synth voice] Only God can judge me now

[heart monitor: long beep]

[Verse Two: 2Pac]

I hear the doctor standing over me [heart monitor: beeping slowly]
screamin I can make it
Got a body full of bullet holes layin here naked
Still I, can't breathe, somethings evil in my IV
Cause everytime I breathe, I think they killin me [beeping sound stops]
I'm having nightmares, homicidal fantansies
I wake up stranglin, danglin my bed sheets
I call the nurse cause it hurts, to reminisce
How did it come to this? I wish they didn't miss
Somebody help me, tell me where to go from here
Cause even Thugs cry, but do the Lord care?
Try to remember, but it hurts
I'm walkin through the cemetary talkin to the, dirt
I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward
There's a ghetto up in Heaven and it's ours, Black Power
is what we scream as we dream in a paranoid state
And our fate, is a lifetime of hate
Dear Mama, can you save me? And f*** peace
Cause the streets got our babies, we gotta eat
No more hesitation each and every black male's trapped
And they wonder why we suicidal runnin round strapped
Mista, Po-lice, please try to see that it's
a million motherf***ers stressin just like me
Only God can judge me

[Chorus w/ variations]

[Interlude: 2Pac]

That which does not kill me can only make me stronger
(That's for real)
and I don't see why everybody feel as though
that they gotta tell me how to live my life
(You know?)
Let me live baby, let me live

[Verse Three: Rappin 4-Tay, Tupac]

Pac I feel ya, keep servin it on the reala
For instance say a playa hatin mark is out to kill ya
Would you be wrong, for buckin a nigga to the pavement?
He gon' get me first, if I don't get him fool start prayin
Ain't no such thing as self-defense in the court of law
So judge us when we get to where we're goin wearin a cross, that's real
Got him, lurked him, crept the f*** up on him
Sold a half a million tapes now everybody want him
After talkin behind my back like a bitch would
Tellin them niggaz, "You can fade him," punk I wish you would
It be them same motherf***ers in your face that'll rush up in your place
to get your safe, knowin you on that paper chase
Gra**, gla**, big screen and leather couch
My new shit is so fetti already sold a key of ounce
Bitch, remember Tupac and 4-Tay
Them same two brothers dodgin bullets representin the Bay
Pac when you was locked down, that's when I'll be around
Start climbing up the charts, so sick, but they tried to clown
That's why they ride the bandwagon still be draggin sellin lies
Don't think I don't see you haters, I know you all in disguise

Guess you figure you know me cause I'm a Thug
That love to hit the late night club, drink then buzz
Been livin lavish like a player all day
Now I'm bout to floss em off, player shit with 4-Tay
Only God can judge me

[Chorus w/ variations]

[4Tay] Only God main
[2Pac] That right?
[4Tay] That's real
[2Pac] Hahahahahaha
[4Tay] f*** everybody else, yaknowhatI'msayin?
[2Pac] Man, look here man
My only fear of death is comin back to this bitch reincarnated
That's for the homey mental
We up out

blak boy

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rtist: Aesop ROCK
Album:  Float
Song:   Basic Cable
Typed by:

television, all hail grand pixelated god of
fantasy, murder scape and perspective
f*** a sore channel changed digit
I sit with a nasty network intervenes plan
with a stable diet of my cable pirate
yo, the doctor is in, the doctor is on
born the bastard son of static radiance cloned to welcome in every home
lead a blue screen, bruised dream canope
victim of the cursed nursed Technicolor drunk support team
ooh, I love all advertisements
though accused by robot news casters who capture and pollute
spoon fed hazardous fog to joy luck catholic squad
please take me, please calm me, please make me a zombie
please I want to donate my brain to the monstrous Panasonic profit
now, twenty first century plagued
dispersed to wide eyed glamour addict patients
telecast patrons
blue be the propaganda banners, well, sure I'll be a Marine
with a clean sword and blue uniform, it only takes a dollar and a dream
and I abide great idiot box power supply, fuzz vapor,
black out of New York, hey honey, get the generator
I'm in a doom, doom generation, pacin', ancient electric secret
never sleepin' to miss the AM oasis
my name is a wired heart, sloppy obligation
turn my stilt into my guilt and have a chatter box blame frame adjacent station
make reality scrambled and suck the life out of a hidden vandal
and loving every minute of the gimmick, change the channel

plug it in, turn it on, prop me up against the couch
lights out, I ain't ever gonna have to leave my house
satellite dish, get up on my wish list, turn me to a tyrant
let my clean spirit dissolve through the appliance

plug it in, turn it on, be my mother when she's gone, great
wipe the spittle off my chinny-chin during the breaks
if I gotta go blind I'mma do it for the love of all television kind
and that's fine, and that's fine...

make me a star, I wanna touch gold
hold me suspended in a dream, mearly inches from the screen
deleted pa**ions sacrificed to one electron monster
crucify my little future to the monitor
damn it feels good, turn on, tune in
zoom in to hug the bug up in your family function
but the children seem to love it
yes mother, me and wild discovery
and heard the static flock to where I sleep
by the glow of that magic box big speaker
stereo mastered often kill the freak seekers, eyes spiraling
tangled in the star spangled wiring
I can turn from toxicated visuals
and all the kings horses abort the loyalty to royalty
f*** the fortress
riddle me with glee, hoist the end all telepromter above my sleeping head
I'll be dead by morning anyway
color my values with mundane humor in thirty minute tickets
to feel the magnetic seal picket censorship
I want commercials twenty four-seven
I wanna shop from my bed and set an
example for all my overworked, underpaid brethren
I bond with a six string(?) correspondence
and lurking circuitry circus
with allegiance pledged beyond the gla** surface
adamant students within the fine school of possessed graduate catalysts
channel zero addict, immaculate
it goes- big screen, little screen, any screen'll do
just let me hold the controller and I won't have to murder you

plug it in, turn it on, let my little eyes glaze
twenty screens lined up along the borders of the maze
I wanna see the five day forecast, fourteen days in advance
so I can get my two weeks notice every time the sun dance

plug it in, turn it on, silent fix better than nothing
let a once divine soul feel the functions of the hypnotist
the viciousness, ridiculous, peaking a dummy's interest
touch the power button meet your maker, ain't that something?

plug it in, turn it on, say goodbye to Sunday afternoon
fix the antenna, sit back and let disaster bloom
it's a beautiful sight, with a most ugly intention
but I taste it everyday and bathe inside the consequences

plug it in, turn it on, never once have you talked back to me
your majesty, I love you, I despise you
my everyday is sitcom, soaps, news, bad dramatization
come along with me, my friend for the most glorious sensation
y blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of
Tell my people that I love them. They must continue the fight."
Solomon Mahlangu

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rtist: Aesop ROCK
Album:  Float
Song:   Basic Cable
Typed by:

I was just about to post this as well.

Jules Winnfield

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Artist:  Heltah Skeltah F/ Illa Noyz
Album:   Nocturnal
Song:    Sean Price


I'm not sure anymore more
who is knocking at my door door
all the people that I knew
acted funny when big Ruck got some loot
But they can't see B, let my parabellum fly fly
cause I be god decipher devine vine
And a nigga can't test me an' mine mine
If you wanna come feel it, nigga come but twice

Some say sean price is, nice-is on mic devices
Pack more power which make me more mightier than Isis
Try this, that's when the Ruck shakes the rictor
inflictsta bring pain my aim is to rip ya
picture you tryin to break through my path
my eight blasts all you f***in snakes in the gra**
went to hell with angel dust,plus i bust the devils lungs
with lyrics that come from tip of the tongue now you sprung
Sean sparks like John Starks in the fourth Quarter
Oughta meet my peeps, thats deeper than the tora
unforgettable like nat king,
louieville chill because my motherf***ing slap stings
this track brings, the average career to a halt
it ins't my fault you fell victim to my verbal a**ault
if i had dollars for every nigga who dared to battle me on microphones,
i'd f*** around and be a millionaire

[Illa Noyz]
chump starts it
from the dark resubmerge,
i splurge on herbs with verbs and the usage of my words
them beats is swollen off of trees and colon
then, lyrical functions
i flow like trees through broadway junctions
see punks get bent on constant
when D-R-U-G blesses them S-T-C
gods wnen black don't slack
never cut slack
they been back to the wack
snatch off like Jack
shit is, actual and factual
that my mental blast fools, it reacts like a gun tool
mental releases peices of no,
makin yo brains blow
got pros that froze like sub-zero and flows
i Jams like the Master shoot my lyrics like J
the emcee's run from my house i don't play
on that days to display dismay blow away
to play movie celebrities you done away like Fay


Word is Bon Jovi, niggas don't know me
Hoes blow me show me affection for constant erection
my direction is pistols pointed at niggas on bristol
who thought it was fun to pull guns and issue my dismissal
but you can't handle this,
cause I get scandalous when cannabis enters my system which makes me
more odd than tony randal bitch
due to circumstances and lyrical advances
'nother man die, why, cause of my verbal enhancements
transmit advances over my mental highway
I say what i wanna, smoke marijuana
gonna hit you with a verse so nigga nurse your f***in wounds
boom in my system keep me in time with tune

When all this shit is over and done I think you're gonna find yourself one smilin' motherf***er.

Big Elle

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artist:  ja rule, fat joe and jadakiss
track: new york new york

3rd verse

ayo it couldn't be sweeter, life's a bitch
depending on how u treat her u might get rich
it's guaranteed u gon die and u might get missed
for maybe two or three hours 'fore they light they spliffs
and that coke a get u a long time / but when i
let 'em know the dope is out it's like America online
the wise has awoken / and u know they say u
deserved it whenever u die with ur eyes open
i still hold the title  / cuz i'm in the hood with
the little motorcycles, stick-up kids hoppin out
with old rifles, just doin shit for nuttin they
so spiteful, hah i'm just like u
the word that niggas wanna merc u is in the air
double shot a 'gac and purple's in the air
and i'm not cocky i'm confident
so when u tell me i'm da best it's a compliment

killing me man

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Where my comic-book geeks at?

[Pharaohe Monch on The Jigmasters - "Lyrical Fluctuation"]
Spit miraculous shit, drink Dracula's blood, exist for centuries

My DNA 'ventually, mends wounds, heals injuries

The identity unknown for obvious extremities

Pharaohe the a**a**in who was hired to kill Kennedy

The murder of Malcolm X my only aborted a**ignment

Reduce my molecules than pa** through solid confinement

The eclectic, collectively individual

Please, your f***in with the wrong individual

Why would one even combat an entity

In which one is attacked by absorbing your energy

I already peeped your verse before you said it

I scan the wack shit with through the powers of telekenitics
Pyro & Deac I see you...
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and just for good measure

artist: nas, jadakiss and luda
track: i  made u look

1st verse

now let's get it all in perspective
for all yall enjotment a song yall ca' step with
yall appointed me to bring rap justice
but i ain't 5-0 yall know it's nas yo
grey goose and a whole lotta hydro
only describe us as soldier survivors
stay laced in the best well dressed with finesse
in a white tee lookin' for wifey
thug girl who fly and talk so nicely
put her in the coupe so she ca' feel the nice breeze
we ca' drive thru the city no doubt / but don't
say my car's topless, say the titties is out
newness, here's the anthem put ur hands up
that u shoot with count ur loot with
push ur pool stick in ur new crib, same hand
that u hoop with swing around like u stupid
king a the town yeah i been that
u know i click-clack, where u and ur mens at
do the wop, do the smurf, baseball bat
rooftop like we bringing '88 back

2nd verse

ain't nuttin but trouble god / when i kick in the
door with D-Block, Bravehearts and the Double R
don't let me let the machine off / this is
methadone music that u could lean off,
Made U Look da remix with me up on it
copped ur shit now i break weed up on it
and everything is real i see / like my
niggas that been home but only got a jail ID

i helped the game it ain't help me / top five
dead or alive and that's just off one LP

and i still buzz, they feel coz / they
know the flow's "Ill" just like "Will" was
i'm just trying to make sure that my son's wealthy;outta shape
but i make sure that my gun's healthy; i'm a ape

u can't stand kiss / coming thru the hood
in a Aston Vanquish the colour a dandruff
they said we jumped him, i just let the gun snuff him
copped P, then turboed soon as they uncuffed him
this goes out to alla ur mans / why put u
in a verse, when i can put u in a Coroner van

street level hip hop don't come iller than this.

That Bastard Crook

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I see all y'all budget lyrics and I raise you "Nas Is Like"

1st verse

Heaven or Hell, clips inserted / A baby's being
Born same time my man is murdered, the beginning an' end
As far as rap-go it's only natural I explain /
My pla-teau and also what define's-my-name
First it was Nasty but time's-have-changed /
Now I'm a Artist known as hardcore my science-for-pain
I spent time-in-the-game, kept my mind-on-fame /
Saw fiends shoot up an' do lines-'a'-cocaine
Seen my close friends shot, flatline-am-I-sane /
That depends carry Mac-Tens to practice my aim
On rooftops tape CD Covers to trees / Line the
Barrel up with ya weak-picture then squeeze
Street-scriptures for lost-souls in the Cross-roads /
To the corner thugs hustlin' for cars that cost-dough
To the Big Dogs, livin' large, gettin' it nice /
Pushin' Big Toys, takin' charge enjoyin' ya life
It's what you make-it; suicide a few try to take-it /
A belt tied around they neck in Jail Cells naked
Heaven-or-Hell, Rap Legend, presence-is-felt /
An' of course N-A-S are the letters-that-spell

This verse is almost untoppable
At da Centre, it's Inventor of dis Art-of-Rap / Seida-Crook I'm da Genuine Artefact // Rappers know I spit Godly-Rap, I gave da Industry a Heart-Attack / Like "OH MY GOD-HE'S-BACK"!!!!!!! /

Anna Sasin

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^^^co-sign,was bumping it 2day
You are your best thing! - Toni Morrison (Beloved)

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Da Les feat Maggz We on fire
2nd verse:
You dudes better shut up now or get shut
coz we dont only get bucks we get buck
u throwin your sets up we get u set up
for when we throwin our cheques up you getting checked up

Ooh wee those 1st 4 bars are ON FIRE
9 tha Pedigree


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You see now Maggz I can understand. Tiltt, that whole set grinding seriously f***in hard and its showing. Don't know about best lyrics ever though.

On that Nas tip, combo post containing both the best and worst lyrics ever to some extent. I qualify best ever here as influenced by flow and fit to the instrumental along with content, rhymes,captivation factor etc.

For the worst see bold, the rest I figure is fresh.

[Chorus repeated and stuff]
Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ
He's just nice, he just slice like a ginsu
Look at the life that I been through
I'm the last real n**** alive, that's official

Y'all don't know about my Biggie wars
Who you thought 'Kick In The Door' was for?
But that's my heart, y'all still trippin of this Jigga shit
Real niggas listen up and I'mma tell you how the whole thing start
Off top I brung Queens up from hard times
Rockin at the Fever, streets was all mine
It was my version of the blues, droppin our schools
The crack epidemic had rap representin new rules
So I, got in em shoes, tried em wore them
Wasn't a perfect fit, so I couldn't sport em
Young murderers ride, I knew all them
Jungle got shot, Will died, we was warring
I wrote it in my album
I was 18 when Lake seen the Island
And Lord held me down and
My surroundings started changing
I had a baby, I was making my rounds with AZ
N****s started noticing my flow and was open when
The Golden Child closed em in with more style than them older men
Puff tried to start a label, Prince Rakeem had formed Wu-Tang
Snoop and Dre had a new thang
So Puff drove his new Range through Queensbridge Projects
He let me drive it, before Ready to Die hit
BIG and I hit blunts performing at the Arc
Next thing you knew, BIG blew and all the balling starts
He had Kim and his crew, I found Fox, only niggas in New York with number
one charts
BIG was ahead of his time, him and Raekwon my niggas
But dig it, they couldn't get along
That's when Ghostface said it on the Purple tape
Bad Boy biting Nas album somebody fill in the adlib
BIG told me Rae was stealing my slang
And Rae told me out in Shaolin BIG would do the same thing
But I borrowed from both them niggas
Jigga started to flow like us, but hit with 'Ain't No N****s'
Had much Versace swagger
BIG admired the Brooklyn knight and it took him in as Iceberg the rapper
Today don't know nothing, about this bullshit
There's more shit than wanting to be this King of New York shit

[Chorus blah blah]

Rap became a version of Malcom and Martin
Rest In Peace Will, Queensbridge live on
There's some ghetto secrets I can't rhyme in this song
There's some missing pieces I had to leave out
I had lot trust for Steve Stoute (sp)
At some point till I got to know him
We old friends, but what's loyal?
Puff soaked Interscope offices
With champagne bottles on Steve, and Steve thought the drama is on me
Cause previously it would have been, against whoever
Friends forever
However, I learn, with some niggas it's all business
But I'm a street dude with morals
To diss n****s with Jigga too much, he used to say Jay wanted my spot
I laughed, stayed home, never hung a lot
A quiet man who used to be alone planning
Baby moms thought I was too quiet, couldn't stand it
She hit the streets, later on she hittin the sheets
With a rapper who wanted me on his songs, thinking he strong
I taught her how to watch for cars that might follow
Tauht her street shit that I know
Her weakness was shine yo
But that's her, I ain't mad baby, it made me stronger
Now I get my paper longer
Illmatic I was boss
It Was Written I flossed
One of the most creative LPs ever to hit stores
In the Firm I learned I am Nastradamus
QB's Finest, Oochie Wally, faced more problems
I gave it all up so I can chill at home with mama
She was getting old and sick so I stayed beside her
We had the best times, she asked would I make more songs
I told her not till I see her health get more strong
In the middle of that, Jay tried to sneak attack
a**asinate my character, degrade my hood
Cause in order for him to be the Don, Nas had to go
The Gam-B-I-N-O rules I understood
What you want, see, I already had
The Gift and The Curse? f*** that shit, the first shall be last
I'm the man's man, a rapper's rapper
G-O-D S-O-N, they'll be none after
I was Scarface, Jay was Manolo
It hurt me when I had to kill him and his whole squad for dolo [for dolo echoes]


[Chorus etc]

That Bastard Crook

  • I woulda told Mitch not-to-leave-Rico, and instead 'a' wearing chains rock-da-Steve-Biko
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Again I raise you "Nas Is Like", 2nd verse

"Nas is like..Earth, Wind and Fire, rims an' tyres /
Bulletproof gla** inside is the realest driver
Planets in Orbit, line 'em up with the Stars /
Tarot-Cards, you ca' see da Pharoah-Nas

Nas is like... Iron Mike, Messiah Type /
Before the Christ, after the death, the last one left

Let my cash invest-in-stock / We came
A long way from blasting Techs-on-blocks
Went from Seiko to Rolex an' ownin' Acres /
From the Projects with no chips to large cake-dough
Dimes givin' fellatio, Siete zeros /
Bet my Nines spit for the Pesos

But what's it all worth?  / Can't take it wid you under
This Earth rich men died and tried but none of it worked
They just rob ya grave, I'd rather be alive and paid /
'Til my number's called, history's made
Some 'a' fall but I rise, Thug or Die / Makin'
Choices that determine my future under the sky
To rob, steal or kill, l'm wonderin' why /
It's a dirty-game, is any man worthy-of-fame?
Much success to ya even though you wish me the opposite /
Sooner or later we'll all see who the Prophet-is

At da Centre, it's Inventor of dis Art-of-Rap / Seida-Crook I'm da Genuine Artefact // Rappers know I spit Godly-Rap, I gave da Industry a Heart-Attack / Like "OH MY GOD-HE'S-BACK"!!!!!!! /

The Angry Hand of God

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I thought The panic meant this to be about the best lyrics in hip hop history, not what's currently hot on MTV.

Pharoahe on High Voltage

Who's the man demandin' you hand over your Land Rover?
No man's bolder than the Pharoah when he jams your plans over.
I inflict sclerosis; the most ferocious--
when I spy my third-eye is extremely high voltage.
That's why I need Ruby Quartz gla**es--
'cause when I glance there's a chance
that I might blast the ma**es.
Subliminals transmitted through piano--
integrated in flow; calculated in nano.
I use skills when I need; please heed the rhyme--
I heal when I bleed when I proceed through time.
I walk through walls and inanimate obstacles;
by inducing the reduction of cells and molecules.
I bring the knowledge; you swallow a steak that's a hologram--
I box your head, fatten your lip like Collagen.
The telepath delivers verses with no postage--
Pharaoh Monch, Mike Shinoda we high voltage.

Even Mike Shinoda's verse on this track is better than half the shit posted here.
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I thought The panic meant this to be about the best lyrics in hip hop history, not what's currently hot on MTV.

Pharoahe on High Voltage

Whos the man demanding you hand over your Land Rover?

No mans bolder than the Pharoahe when he jams

The plans over

I have fake sclerosis

The most ferocious

Why I spy, my third eye, distinctly high voltage

Thats why I need Ruby Quartz gla**es

Cause when I glance theres a chance I might blast the ma**es

Subliminals trasmitted through piano

Integrated in flow

Calculated to nano

I use skills when I need

Please head the rhyme I hear when I plead when I proceed through time

I walk through walls an inanimate obsticles

Via induced reduction of cells and molecules

I bring the knowledge

You swallow the state

Thats a hologram

I box your head

Fatten your lip like Collogen

A telepath to deliver verses with no postage

Pharoahe Monch, Mike Shinoda

We high voltage

Even Mike Shinoda's verse on this track is better than half the shit posted here.

That remix blew my f***ing head off when I heard it. Dopeness from start to finish; easily the best thing Mike Shinoda has done or ever will do.
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