Q-Tip Talks The Renaissance & Tribe Documentary


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gas i couldnt resist coming to Phife's defence eybody seems to think Ali shaheed and Tip where the only ones on the ATCQ's cla**ic, especilly now with the rumours bou how he didnt even script his own verses.... >:(


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Album : The renaissance
Released date : Nov 2008
Label : Universal/Motown Records

Former A Tribe Called Quest frontman Q-Tip will release his new solo album, The Renaissance, on December 18th.

For his new album, Q-Tip recruited a new band but not in the traditional sense. The rapper explained, "Itís not a band in the traditional sense. I have samples, they replay them and embellish so it still has that gritty hip-hop sound. Itís a bit more musical. As well as having actual songs with my band, I have certain things I chopped up, so itís a mixed bag, but the dominating factor is the musicians."

The first single from the new album is "Work It Out."

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