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Lupe Fiasco says LupEND Will Be A Three-Disc Release


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November 2nd, 2008 Author: Edwin Ortiz

To much dismay from his fans, Lupe Fiasco has stated his third and final album will indeed be LupEND. Though many supporters of the Chi-town rapper aren’t worried about the quality expected from this project, their bitterness lies in the fact that his catalog in Hip Hop will only be three albums deep. However, after an announcement during a show Halloween night, Lupe Fiasco clearly had a treat that would sweeten up his fans.

Addressing his crowd in Chicago at the Congress Theater on Friday, Lupe revealed the album will be not one, but three discs in length. “The name of the next album is LupEND. That’s Lup E.N.D. So, if my mathematics serve me correct from a fabulous Chicago public school system, it’s not one album ladies and gentlemen…it’s three.”

Though nothing was said on the possibility of LupEND being a concept album like The Cool , Lupe did give titles to the acronym E.N.D. “Let’s see, E, we’ll call that one Everywhere. N, we’ll call that one Nowhere. And the last one D, we’ll call that Down Here. So, LupEND is actually a triple CD.”

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the Lupe bug hasn't bitten me yet...sad
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