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- through the looking gla**: the wonders of the world -

in a land somewhere far away, where the sun always rises. there is a people, and they had a dream. and they called it bookcity.

just thought i should share something amazing. you know how you want to but just never do. but its just one of those things. where vision meets commitment, and the parts of the whole count for more. there is a place, a city, designed, created and built sorely for the cultivation, appreciation and legacy of books. its just outside seoul, in south korea.

its the largest publising industry zone in the world. they would describe it as 'an industrial city related specifically to books. it is intended as a place devoted to planning, producing and distributing books by well-intentioned publishers.' its a whole city where life is built around books. its a think tank zone for the honouring of cultural heritage through the protection and nurturing of reading and writing - ensuring that the stories are told, read and kept. they did it. and it is an area like any other then, with whatever you could need, stores, schools, families, life -there are people who call it home. so a**uredly safe you can walk alone at 2 in the morning.

and what amazes is the attention to detail. so well thought out, so well executed, so uncompromised in the delivery of the vision. achieved. from the architecture to the fact that there are no tvs in the hotel rooms, just a selection of the literature of the place. books.

developments continue still.


they didnt have any pics on the site but this is just two buildings like, and everything looks like this. very very modern but simple too. this is the feel. there is a strong design theme running through the entire place:

amazing, the possibilities of life.
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Thanks for this. It looks great. Stuff like this make me wanna break my vow of not reading.