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Obie Trice is busy on his third album, apparently he is not with shady anymore. Here are the links to two of his tracks on the new album......The hook of the you burn joint will be done by 50

Obie Trice - You Burn     

Obie Trice - Bunch of blessings

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Obie trice is sick with word play dude got it onlock like no one else, its sad to see him leave shady, since his 2nd album did got platinium  and stat quo also left. the thing is no one know swhy they left and obie is also keeping quiet about it. But good luck and it looks like the 3rd album is going to be good

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Word is he was complaining that hes not receiving the same attention Em is giving 50 and album Budget staff yet both his albums went Plat.Thte guy has nice wordplay goin in his lyrics but he was not creative thats that equals Average.