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Zuluboy on the Hype Cover


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i rushed to hook up khuli da crown coz after i saw tuks's video with dat gospelish hook i change my mind.da video is telling a very deep story about da elite groups(like masons) dat are using subliminal messaging to control da way we think.i got scared for a minute der, on sum what da fcuk is tuks been smoking? fighting tv on he's got delivery on point.I hav to cop monopoly.
yo i got that monopoly..A very dope album..Much as i understand only about half of wat he is sayin.But its too nice..Dude is on some serious political tip.. #BLAZIN_SPEAKERS


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yo i gotz the hype cd and mag...zuluboy gotz the mohawk thingy down..or up...the cd is hardcore...crazy lu gotz a ill joint on there...
people be juding me by the way that i walk even when i talk they say i got swagger like i be from new york..#print that bitches!