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Remixing the Crates vol.2 ...(an MC's Lp)....the OFFICIAL thread.

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Word! sounds too dope...any interviews of the Artists involved?!!?!?! holla

peace homes, yeah interviews were conducted with producers as well as emcees, but unfortunately because of the nature of the project, it being something global we couldnt reach everyone, interviews were only done with participants based in Grahamstown that were available for commentary, (i.e) myself, Alias, Refute Skillz, Es-r, SUPREMACY etc....but its very much a complete overview of what the work meant to all the people involved in one person is highlighted as being the main ingredient, its in turn a celebration of everyone's participation voiced by a few that were close enough to fully comprehend it..., trust me, its very well orchestrated  :)

Nice one man! keep pushing, need to see this when its out...Peace!


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wurd family..cant believe this is still going and g7 done split up for a minute i should tell him its going strong..oints nice looks my nigg...this was a great project and deserves every prop
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