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Weezy F Baby

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Well put Munetsi, Weezy does have his moments of brilliance don't get me wrong, but him being the greatest is like trying to swallow a jaw breaker, it will never go down my throat, and every time Weezy is featured wuth a real emcee, hr gets bodied
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sometimes i stomach folk's gullibility like a potent emetic.from a commercial,lyrical structure and musical stance marshal mathers is the best rapper fact he's in the top 5 of all time.unfortunately he's a victim of reverse racism.american black folk are generally ignant and have a rancid palate for creativity.they'd regurgitate the gangster stereotypes.the rest of the world simply swallow whatever they excrete.this explains why busta's hardly mentioned with the gods,or cee-lo,outkast,the list is endless.wayne has talent don't get it twisted but like they say about the one-eyed dude in the land of the blind...come on,which wayne song can you recite like a biggie,pac or jay song?it's a naive error to comment on hip hop solely from a fan's perspective neglecting the fact 'artists' today are products of commercial machinations.ultimately marketing gimmicks.they are labeled the greatest this the greatest that and we believe whatever big brother shows us.have mercy on us...

god dam homy...what you swallow a oxforrd ...shit you gots them words on lock son...and i agree...em is the real deal....
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ive always been saying wayne is overated, i dont hate on wayne nor cahs money, but truth be told, wayne just jucks, his better off featuring other artists like jigga or ti, alone he just sucksfor the first time after 10 years i decided to go to a music store and purchase lil wayne's hihgly rated the carter 3 and it took only 3 songs to make me cry for my money

the stuff that these magazines have been saying about him is not visible in my eyes meaning i dont see whats attracting about his music, his always using autotune so much that he sucks more when he spits with his natural voice, u just cant finish a track.

lil wayne can brag and laugh his as about it but his whack, birdman is jus running his ugly lips on some bullshit

and please birdman try finding another beatmaker at cash money coz your beats there suck