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Alice in Zululand

the panic!

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Pretty Drastically Cool

The festive season Johannesburg will kick of on a pretty drastically cool note. Unlearn Agency brings you the second installment of the multimedia feast Pretty Drastic. For this of us who love any excuse to dress up the theme of this months event is ‘Alice in Zululand’.

On 28 November, Pretty Drastic will take place at the freshest new venue in the Joburg city centre, Arts on Main. The evening will feature an interesting collaboration by Swiss electro dub DJs Filewile featuring Pedro from the award winning band 340ml on vocals. Performances from electronica and illustration crew Mtkidu and South Africa’s best-kept secret, the multi-genre traveler Johnny Cradle. This is one night that will enchant the senses and have the party revelers craving for more. Johnny Cradle’s soulful performance will take place in the courtyard while Soul Diablo and True Jones transform the space into a wonderland of music with their special touch behind the decks.

In the words of Unlearn Agency’s director, Dominique Soma “never before have all spheres of creativity come together in such a fun way”.

Pretty Drastic is an interactive artistic experience that was conceptualised to change the Jozi night life scene with its fantastical funky dress up and performance elements. Each night offers a kaleidoscope of South African and international performers and artists who will present live musical sets, multi-discipline collaborations, dancing and a variety of contemporary arts exhibitions and live paintings.

So if you are a lover of music, visual art, painting, dance, body painting and the like – you cannot afford to miss this event.

For more information please email

bring all your friends!  ;D


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Was at the show
Dope venue/space
That band Filewile was insane- that's no exaggeration at all.
Got their cd but haven't listened to it yet   
The 340ml guy's lyrics made no sense or were corny again.     
DJ needed to clean his LP's- it was so annoying.     
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That band Filewile was insane- that's no exaggeration at all.

Speaking of bands is kwani experience still existing?
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You can catch Filewile featuring Rattex in Cape Town at The a**embly on Friday Dec 4th and All Nations (Fong Kong Bantu Sound System) on Saturday Dec 5th.


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That band Filewile was insane- that's no exaggeration at all.

Speaking of bands is kwani experience still existing?

yo what do you have to say about the venue...??? coz I thought it was am ma ma ma mazing!!!! wow! wat a nice gig that was!!!! good ppl, chilled vibe nice music!  *how'd you kill a .... you chop its f***en head off* - only peeps who saw da performances will get this one!

oh shucks, I almost tumbled down them iron stairs on Sat hey! oh my gosh! so embarra**ing!   :-[ :-[
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