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NEW SNYPA KIDD VIDEO - Rude Boy / Johhny


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What it do what it do....

we just got the street vid done for these cuts. If you dont know already Micheal Da Costa aka Snypa Kidd (25 to lyf) just here is is

here is the vid for his latest single(s) Rude Boy / Johhny.....This is his single off his untitled mixtape for 25 to lyf....

tell me what u think...filmed in sunny-side PTA - Dir by Spencer "Hearstreet" Kitson.

for more info:


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peace homes, i f***S with Snypa KidD

"the hood call me Micheal JackSOn, cos if dudes missing, they know Micheal jacked son..."


but on the strength, i like JOHNNY way better as a song than i do "Rude boy". (peace to that nigga SUB-ZERO on that BEAT, its bONKERS)...thats why i checked for the Johnny vid after the RudeBoy the switch by the way, between the two vids...

i liked the first scene (in johnny) when cats are huddled together sipping on their brew and puffing on the piff...then cat spits his also the fact that the johnny vid is in B&W, that in my opinion gives it a more rugged feel as opposed to the prior one that somewhat lacked more control because of the "normal setting"...with the B&W texture i feel you can experiment more and almost create your own world within another, a form of escapism almost to better portray that "rudeboy" feel more...but yeah, GOOD WORK from you guys, its getting there...!