Virus Free Generation Concert

the panic!

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Virus Free Generation is a campaign aimed at raising awareness among young people about the impact of HIV/AIDS on their peers.

When: Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 8:00pm

Venue:Bluesroom, Village walk, Sandton

The concert will feature artists like Ninthe and Blaxtar(Holland),Tha G.O.S.P.L.E(Malawi), Zubz(zimbabwe), Zuluboy,Vuyo Tyolo(South Africa) and Black Dillinger(Jamaica).

The artists believe that HIV/AIDS is both a human right and developement issue.Throught this concert, the artists wish to state that it is possible to achieve a virus free generation if everybody commits to supporting effective HIV/AIDS prevention in Southern Africa.

The concert is supported by the Dutch Emba**y in South Africa, Music Mayday South Africa, Music Mayday the Netherlands and Native Rhythms Productions.

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isn't black dilinger from gugulethu?

me no se Azanian Soljyah

I and I iyask da sem kueshun. first aya from jamaica me nohw dat spiyek da xhosa language.

Aluta continuah!

lorda mercy