THEE most overlooked and misunderstood lyricist in this time (DO NOT SLEEP!!!)


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Right now, I think Lupe's the best alive, but I'm not going to do much talking. All I wanna do is post yall this breakdown of Lupe's dumb it down and the video. DO NOT Argue with me UNTILL you have THOROUGHLY read through and comprehended the lyrics. please.

PLEASE PEOPLE!!! Do NOT SLEEP ON THIS!!! This is important.

I'm fearless (He’s brave enough to battle his critics)

Now hear this (Addressing all critics)

I'm earless (I don’t hear all of your criticisms and I don’t listen to people who tell me to dumb it down)

And I'm peerless (I’m one of a kind. There are no others like me so stop telling me to conform.)

That means I'm eyeless (The word peerless has no ‘i’s. )

Which means I'm tearless (He doesn’t care what you say, it’s not going to affect him. If he has no eyes, he can’t cry)

Which means my iris resides where my ears is (He observes rappers and the industry closely and watches their movements. The iris is the part of your eye surrounding the pupil. Iris is also a kind of plant, the people commonly put behind their ear. He learns by listening.)

Which means I'm blinded (He has no eyes so he’s blind. There has been no good music lately, so his senses must be failing)

But I'mma find it I can feel it's nearness (There are some good rappers out there, that are close to making it big, and he’s going to find them.)

But I'mma veer so I don't come near (He’s going to get out of the way of the music industry and do his own thing. He’s not going to conform so he’s going to stay in his own lane)

Like a chicken or a deer (He’s not going to be run over by the music industry. He’s no one-hit wonder. Deer’s freeze in the headlights, but he’s not going to let celebrity stop him from doing what he wants to)

But I remember I'm not a listener or a seer so my windshield smear (He doesn’t listen to mainstream rap. He is not paying attention to commercial rap and copying their formula.)

Here, you steer, I really shouldn't be behind this, clearly cause my blindness (Fans obviously know what is good music, and he doesn’t, so he shouldn’t be in the driver’s seat.)

The windshield is minstrel, the whole grill is roadkill, so trill and so sincere. Yeah, I'm both them there (A Minstrel show is when actors used to dress up in blackface and perpetuate black stereotypes by depicting blacks as lazy, ignorant, happy-go-lucky, stupid, and musical. Jazz musician Wynton Maralis has even called Hip-Hop a modern day minstrel show. White actors would cover their skin in black shoe polish, the windshield is covered in black so he can’t see. White executives are controlling black rappers and perpetuating the stereotypes of grills and the trill life. Talking about Grills has been done so much that it is becoming overkill, or roadkill. He describes the rap game as a car, and he shouldn’t be steering the car because he is not like it’s components.)

Took both pills, when a bloke in a trench coat and the locs in the chair had approached him here (This is about the Matrix when Morpheus came in wearing a black trench coat and gave Neo a choice between the red and blue pill. People in the matrix are deemed blind, but he is out of the matrix.)

And he clear as a ghost, so a biter of the throats in the mirror (Ghosts are invisible and Vampires can’t see their reflections in the mirror)

The writer of the quotes for the ghosts who supplier of the notes to the living (He is a ghostwriter’s ghostwriter. He writes the lyrics for ghostwriters who supply the lyrics to the mainstream rappers.)

Riveting is rosy, pockets full of posies, given to the mother of the deceased. Awaken at war, 'til I'm restin' in peace (Rosie the riveter is a figure during World War II. These women only worked during war time, or awaken then. Meanwhile, their sons were dying at war. “Ring around the rosie, pockets full of posies” comes from the black plague when people were dying in the streets, so people would carry floweres in their pockets.)

[Chorus 1]:

You goin' over niggas' heads Lu (Dumb it down)
They tellin' me that they don't feel you (Dumb it down)
We ain't graduate from school nigga (Dumb it down)
Them big words ain't cool nigga (Dumb it down)
Yeah I heard Mean And Vicious nigga (Dumb it down)
Make a song for the bitches nigga (Dumb it down)
We don't care about the weather nigga (Dumb it down)
You'll sell more records if you (Dumb it down)

[Verse 2]:

And I'm mouthless (Fans stuck in commercial rap won’t hear him over the radio)

Which means I'm soundless (Which means the mainstream won’t hear him so he has no power or relevancy).

Now as far as the hearing, I've found it (He has found people that will listen to him and built a solid fan base.)

It was as far as the distance from the earring to the ground is (He was never heard. His voice never even left the ground and is maximum distance away from the ears of the mainstream.)

But the doorknockers on the ear of a stewardess in a Lear
She fine and she flyin, I feel I'm flying by'em 'cause my mind's on cloud nine and I'm a mime at the same time (No matter how fly he gets, he’s still going to stay grounded. He is too fast and smart for everyone that his words are just going over their heads and no one understands him. This is because he is so far above the completion, and different (like a mime) at the same time.)

Pimps see the wings on the underground king (Pimp C is a rapper that died that was a member of the legendary rap group, Underground Kings. Because he is dead, he has grown wings like an angel. Also pimps want to become underground kings because they see the wealth that they are attaining. People believe that wealth is a way to get your wings into heaven.)

Who's also Klingon (Klingon is a group of species in Star Trek. They speak an odd language that is hard to decipher. Pimp C, like Lupe, is a good rapper that is intelligent, therefore listeners must think to understand his lyrics.)

To infinity and beyond (Another Star Trek reference)

Something really stinks, but I Sphinx like Leon (Leon Spinks is a boxer that beat an old, out-of-shape Muhammad Ali. His nose was broken in the fight and cannot smell)

Or lion in the desert (This refers to the Sphinx statue in Egypt. It has no nose because Napoleon had it chopped off because it was black and he was repulsed by the black nose. Both Leon Spinks and the Sphinx have no noses and can’t smell it. Also, the Sphinx is a gatekeeper in Greek mythology and you must answer a riddle to pa** him on your path to becoming king (like Oedipus). The entire song is a riddle that must be decoded and solved. And to pa** him you must out riddle him. Also, authors like WB Yeats use the Sphinx to signal the dawning of new eras.)

I'm flying on pegasus you're flying on the pheasant (Hercules flew on Pegasus. A Pegasus is a winged horse and is Greek for strong. A pheasant is a brightly-colored tiny bird. He is a cla** above everyone else.)

Writer of the white powder, picker of the fire flowers, spit hot fire like Dylon on Chappelle's skit (Unicorn horns were believed to have powerful magic and immortality if you grind them into powder. In Mario Brothers, if you catch the fire flower, your character becomes enflamed and can spit fire. His music that he writes is addictive, like cocaine (white powder). His words will also live on forever. Dylon is a rapper who was on Making of the Band and is made fun of on Chappelle’s Show for saying “I spit hot fire.”)

Yeah, smell it on my unicorn, don’t snort the white horse, but toot my own horn (A horse and a horn make up a unicorn. He doesn’t do cocaine, but he will brag. A horn is slang for a nose. Snorting is like tooting.

[Chorus 2]:

You've been shedding too much light Lu (Dumb it down)
You make'em wanna do right Lu (Dumb it down)
They're getting self-esteem Lu (Dumb it down)
These girls are trying to be queens Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to graduate from school Lu (Dumb it down)
They're starting to think that smart is cool Lu (Dumb it down)
They're trying to get up out the hood Lu (Dumb it down)
I'll tell you what you should do (Dumb it down)

[Verse 3]:

And I'm brainless
Which means I'm headless (Brain is a slang term for head, which is a slang term for a blowjob. So brainless and headless are the same thing.)
Like Ichabod Crane is (In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, There is a headless horseman that cuts of Ichabod’s head)

Or foreplay-less sex is (No Head Before Sex. Also lack of a courting stage with women and he is just having sex with random girls.)

Which makes me saneless (People call him insane for not dumbing it down and going commercial. He is also insane for having sex with random girls with AIDS and STDs being so prevelant.)

With no neck left to hang the chain with (His neck is not bound by a chain so he is not a slave to the industry; an industry that is filled with the idea of bling.)

Which makes me necklace-less (Because he isn’t controlled by the industry and mainstream, he is not rich, and therefore cannot afford the bling and gigantic necklaces that rappers wear.)

Like a necklace theft (He feels robbed of not being popular, and he wants to take over.)

And I ain't used my headrest yet (He’s not going to rest or sleep: He’s going to keep working to be better)

They said they need proof like a vestless chest 'bout the best, fair F-F-jet in the NES (Proof, the rapper, was shot in the head and killed and therefore had no need for a bullet proof vest. This is like the industry who needs no proof of a good rapper, but rather they just follow a formula: F-F means Final Fantasy, which was first released on the NES system. The games came in gray square things that were called jets. F-F also means First and Fifteenth, which is the best.)

Who exudes confidence and excess depth (His lyrics are complicated and deep)

Even Scuba Steve would find it hard to breathe (Scuba Steve is a scuba diver action figure in the movie Big Daddy)

Around these leagues (Leagues is a measurement of depth of water; his lyrics are so deep that it’s hard to breath: Also Lupe is in a whole ‘nother league)

My snorkle is a tuba, Lu the ruler around these seas (His snorkel (the tube that a swimmer uses to breathe under water) is like a tuba (A trumpet with a low, deep pitch) because since he is the ruler of the seas, he sermons his listeners with a trumpet sound ever time he exhales (spits). He needs his voice to be loud and deep like the sound from a tuba. Lupe is the ruler of Hip-Hop and he is using seas as a continuation of the water metaphors throughout the verse.)

Westside Poseidon, Westside beside'em, chest high and rising (Poseidon is the ruler of the seas in Greek mythology. He is the ruler of the West. He is on the Westside of Poseidon, therefore he is his left hand man. Westside Chicago is beside Lupe and supports him. Lupe is proud, and has his chest out, and is ready to rise up the ranks of raps elite. He is also raising the depth of the waters, and his lyrics.)

Almost touching the knees of stewardess and the pilot (The water is rising so high that it is going to the skies where the planes are)

Lucky they make you fly with
Personal floating devices, tricks falling out of my sleeves (Water is now so high that it is in the plane so it is a good thing that the pa**engers have personal floating devices. There is always something new with Lupe, and all of his lyrics can mean different things to different people. His words are like magic.)

David Blaine (Famous magician)

Make it rain

Make a boat (There’s so much water that you need to make a boat to float with like Noah’s Ark)

I make a plane (He is above everyone else so they are all in a boat, but he is flying above them. Also, he is so good that he raises the plane and sets a new level that rappers have to come up to. Lupe is raising the bar)

Then, I pull the plug and I make it drain (If I leave, then the rap game will be depleted of lyrical depth. Pulling the plug can be seen as dying like a person in a coma gets the plug pulled. He is also making it seem like a bathtub that is filling up with water)

Until I feel like flowing and filling it up again..(His flow is like water and he can do this anytime he wants. He can easily increase depth whenever he raps.)

[Chorus 3]:

You putting me to sleep nigga (Dumb it down)
That's why you ain't popping in the streets nigga (Dumb it down)
You ain't winning no awards nigga (Dumb it down)
Robots and skateboards nigga? (Dumb it down)
GQ Man Of The Year G? (Dumb it down)
Shit ain't rocking over here B (Dumb it down)
Won't you talk about your cars nigga? (Dumb it down)
What the f*** is goyard (???what is that???) nigga (Dumb it down)

Make it rain for the chicks (Dumb it down)
Pour champagne on a bitch (Dumb it down) (Making Fun of Weezy f***ing Baby...Get It?..Weezy f***ing Baby)

What the f*** is wrong with you? (Dumb it down)
How can I get on a song with you? (Dumb it down)


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This niggaz just put a WHOLE new meaning to intellectual rap. And it's sad coz I tried to make my friends understand but they just too.... dum to understand. dum is the wrong word, rather lazy.


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f*** you and your favourite rapper.....

its possible to take the art of making music seriously without taking yourself seriously

MrC The Rap God Almighty

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Are u for real ? LMAO !!!!
"Generation X, really take it to the Max, everybody's so smart,cos we google all the facts" - Neon

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so spoongy is this what u been on about all along?
as musch as we all might agree that is is dope and on point too. we can force cats to like him just as much to put him on the pedastal that I also think he deserves.....

the greatest rides u'd ever experince is upon the DEATH STAR....


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*clears throat*

I was cold hearted and young, a dumb kid with a gun
Cuz fun days don't last, the last nigga to laugh
So rap fell on my tongue, numb feelings remain
And pain comes and it goes
But my wounds shows the room where my pops beat my moms
Moms screamin' for help, myself hot as a sun
Cold hearted and young, a dumb kid with a gun
That I got from my pops top drawer
When he left my momma twice in a week
My momma lifeless and weak, spendin' her nights in the sheets
With seed killer number (one)
Seed killer number (two)
Seed killer number (three)
Got heat from the newborns scorned brother
Blu black hearted and young
Raps fell off his tongue
Numb feelings remain
The pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the tomb that now shelters my boy
My boy needed my help, myself not in the game
The game heartless and young
Dumb niggas with guns cause fun days don't last
The last nigga that blast got shots all in his back
Wrath fell on his soul but in my soul he remains
Pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the moon shining off of his blood
His blood ran through his moms
His moms ran outside
5 niggas with guns
Seed killer number (one)
Seed killer number (two)
Seed killer number (three)
Pulled the heat and he was through
Threw dirt on his casket his mom will re-mask it
Still couldn't hide tears years pa** her son
Numb feelings remain
Pain comes and it goes
But my wounds show the groom that still married my mom
My mom still had a son
Dumb kid with a gun, that I got from my pops
Top drawer when he left
My momma fightin' for years
My momma fightin' her tears
Now she gotta explain the game of her life to her son
But the sun still shines
Nine children and a newborn scorn brother two
Blu, life isn't young
Dumb kid with a tongue, that I got from Hip Hop
But she left me for you, so I'ma give her to you
Cold hearted and young


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For the more attractive version of the breakdown (I know that's what niggaz need to actually read) go here

[1st Verse]
It’s mean, soldier
Now let me put the streets down like steamrollers
- Steamrollers pave streets (”putting them down”)

With the CATS that push
- CATS refers to Caterpillar Inc’s steamrollers

40 ounces through the hood, like King Cobras
- King Cobra is a malt liquors, mostly commonly known for its 40 ounces and seen in the hood

See me sling soda
Cause the extra foam in the split is mixed
It’s really 36
- Double meaning: King Cobras are famous for their 40 oz, 36oz is the beer and the other 4 oz is the foam; 36 oz – a key of cocaine

Used to buy toasters and clips
- Nicknames for guns and ammo

You can tighten your circle or boa constrict
- Boa Constrictors are known for squeezing their prey (”tightening their circle”)

While you was lighting your purple, I was over the scripts
- While folks were getting high (”purple” refers to kush, weed, etc.), Lu’s eyes were over his gla**es, studying up (”scripts”)

See, I couldn’t walk the walk, couldn’t really talk the talk
Had to get my talk to properly explain my walk
Cause this lack in talk had my walk looking off
Now I’m over the limp
Watch how they mugs drop when they see my Verbal’s able (That’s the Usual)
- Last two lines refer to revelation in The Usual Suspects when Palminteri drops his coffee “mug” and realizes that Verbal Kint is “able” to walk (he’s “over the limp”,)

When I was po’, I was lo
Now me and my chaps cop Purple Label
It’s Ralph Lauren on the Rap Laureate
- Po & Lo refer to famed designer Ralph Lauren’s “Polo” clothing brand. “Chaps” is a British term, which ties into Purple Label, Ralph Lauren’s signature British line.

Niggas brownnose, they are like Alf to him
- Alf is a brown alien from late 80s/90s sitcom ALF (who has a “brown nose”)

Runners at Interscope are not as stout as him
- Interscope is an record label while stout is a play on words and a reference to Steve Stoute, who once held an executive position at Interscope Records.

Please don’t enter scope
- Plays on “Interscope” from previous line

It’s gonna be a whole lot of IV’ing and respirating
- IV’ing is a play on words referring to Jimmy Iovine, one of the founders of Interscope Records.

If I lean out this window with Irene
- People used to call their guns by female names so they couldn’t be traced (like how a 9mm handgun is referred to as a “Nina”), which also ties into the previous line (getting shot, put in the hospital, being on IV’s and respirator systems)

Niggas as tall as Yao Ming
With L-U-P-Emperor
Is the foundation’s high beams and the antennas
It’s so serious every time I write my John Hancock like
Could damn near see Detroit
Niggas is scared of heights
- Serious is a play on words, a reference to the Sears Tower in Chicago; John Hancock Center is a Chicago skyscraper and antennas sit atop it. Lupe is the “foundation” of hip hop and niggas is scared of the depth of his rhymes (”heights”)

This is saran wrap and aluminum foil
Some potpourri, a little machine oil
I, stack my paper and throw off my cents
This is top flo’, better look out below
Pennies from heaven is the same as the semi from the second
And I reign supreme
Turn your umbrellas upside down
Did you even catch the change in theme? (this is gangsta man)
- Saran wrap, aluminum foil, potpourri and machine oil are all used to disguise the smell of drugs from police dogs; Cents is a double meaning for “scents” (which ties into the previous lines); Flo is a play on words for “floor” and “flow”, continuing the building metaphor; Pennies (a known myth stating if dropped from a building, a penny could kill a human) & bullets from a semi “rain” at you, which ties into the next line (”I rain/reign supreme”); Normally, an umbrella is right-side up, but you turn it upside down to literally “catch the change” (referring to the “pennies from heaven” line)

The entire first verse features a subtle movement of height theme from paving streets, then he’s “over the limp”, meaning he’s getting taller, then up to the foundations, to the John Hancock center where “you could damn near see Detroit”.

[2nd Verse]
And them niggas ain’t Was, nor from his regime
-Was’ is short for Wasulu, Lupe’s government name and “regime” refers to his label, 1st & 15th.

Gangsta lean
Hats on tilt like your Snickers ain’t drop out the vending machine
You gotta put more money in
And I shake niggas up every time I drop a bar (2 for 1)
- “Gangsta lean” plays on “tilt” in the next line. When a person’s Snickers gets stuck in the vending machine, people either put more money in (to get 2) or shake the vending machine (or “tilt” it). Bar is a double meaning for bar (as in rhyme) and bar (as in candy bar).

It’s horse in the Porsche and bricks in the box
Like mo’ money them, every time I cop a car
- Horse refers to the horsepower in a Porsche and bricks refer to stashed kilos of cocaine. He gets more money every time he gets a car (because of the cocaine in the box).

You see I’m a roller, right
So it might be a Rover, right
But every time I drop a ‘r’
It’s “over” aight
- “Rover” refers to a Range Rover. Drop an ‘r’ from “rover” and you get “over”… pretty simple.

Bet I be in her head like overnight
Like rollers, right
She the chauffeur, right
So I keep her sober
She don’t get fed ex like overnight
I am Dolemite
- Women put rollers in their hair when they go to bed (overnight). Fed Ex acts as a double meaning; Fed Ex (as in the overnight shipping company) and Fed X (as in fed ecstasy, which is why he “keeps her sober”). Dolemite, refers to the first line (”Bet I be in her head like overnight), a pimp, stays in his girl’s head and controls her mind.

All that gas can’t help you, but solar might
So just call on ’sun’
Drop a ’s’
Pick up an ‘o’
U-no, put it all on “one”
- Pretty self-explanatory: Solar power refers to the sun. SUN – ‘S’ + O = U-NO. Uno is spanish for the number “one”.

And, brace yourself like overbite
For that quiet nigga that relocated down south
Coming back to floss
Nigga get your molars right
Fix your grill
No plaque, but a whole lot of cheese
This the drill, Mr. Chill
- This particular set of bars feature a running dentist/mouth theme (”Brace”, “Overbite”, “Floss”, “Molars”, “Grill”, “Plaque”, “Cheese”, “Drill”). Braces are used to correct overbites. No platinum “plaque” but a whole lot of money (”cheese”). Mr. Chill is a reference to Lupe’s 1st & 15th partner, Chilly.

Gave me the green light like Yoda knife
So I’ma force my will
Like the Force I will
Of course you will
- Green light refers to Yoda’s lightsaber, of Star Wars fame. The next couple of bars feature a double meaning; one meaning refers to the use of the Force and the Jedi Mind Trick used to control people in Star Wars while the other meaning refers to Green Lantern, whose ring receives its power from sheer WILLpower.

Take my time
But weight behind only pertains to that Porsche grill
It’s snakes in the hood
Gotta watch for that Cobra bite
Let me see, there’s snakes in the hood
A bird, a horse behind the grill
Some gator on the seat
And a fox behind the wheel
No, it’s not Noah’s ark
Ahk, it’s just a flower’s start
- Weight is a play on words; (wait, which ties into the previous line (”take my time”), and weight (drugs), which is usually stashed behind the grill of a car. There’s also a continuing animal theme (”snakes”, “cobra”, “bird”, “horse”, “gator”, “fox”) and it’s tied together by Lupe revealing that it’s not Noah’s ark, a biblical boat that was used to store animals. “snakes = backstabbers”, “bird=drugs (behind the grill)”, “horse = horsepower”, “gator=alligator seats”, “fox=attractive female”.

[3rd Verse]
For achiever
My procedure’s
To proceed at all cost, no breather
I’m all walk
Rain, snow or fever
I’m all coughs, coming after your teacher
- Postal Service: through Rain, Sleet or Snow. “Coughs” line connects with the previous line’s fever reference.

I’m on the ball like FIFA
Viva, Lupe Dulce
Love Live the Leader
- FIFA is the Federation Internationale de Football a**ociatio (soccer). Dulce is Italian for “emperor”. Viva II Dulce is an Italian reference for “Long Live the Leader”, most famous for being Benito Mussolini’s catchphrase.

I remember I ain’t have sneakers
It was welfare
Coming up for air like whales there
But now I’m well here
I’m Shamu with twelve pair
And niggas wanna take my back to zero like tare, fare
Well, my scale’s clear
- Whales have to come up for air to breathe (unlike fish); Air is also a reference for (Nike) Airs, which ties into the sneaker theme and the next line’s reference to Filas. “Coming up for airs” also refers to how Lupe had to “come up” to be able to cop sneakers. “Well here” is a play on the world “whale”. Lupe is Shamu(the whale) with twelve pairs (of sneakers). On a scale, the “tare” button resets the scale back to 0 (”clear”).

You see world
It’s Braille here
I’m Bumpy Johnson, I stick to the streets
Keep my dogs out in front of me
You see what I’m saying
And I push keys wonderfully
- “See World” is a play on words for the marine mammal park “Sea World”, where Shamuis the name of the whale attraction; “See World” ties into the next line as Braille “shows” blind people how to read andwrite. “Bumpy Johnson” is a play on words (as braille lettering is “bumpy”) as Bumpy Johnson was a well-known Harlem Gangster. The “Keep my dogs” line has a double meaning (blind people usually travel with guide “dogs” and Bumpy Johnson kept his “dogs (protectors)” in front of him. He asks do you “see” what he’s saying and the final line is a double meaning (one meaning, being selling kilos of coke, andthe other, a reference to blind pianists (who push piano keys wonderfully).