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2010 SA hip-hop

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Jaak - Hipe Presents: Flętse Maniere
KONFAB - Swaartgevaar
V/A - Planetary a**ault 2
Krook'd tha War Monger - The Anarchist's Krook Book
Young Nations - United States of Africa
985 - The Redial Mixtape

There will be more heat from the Iapetus, Pioneer Unit and Unreleased Records camps as well, I'm sure of it!

The Konfab would be dope, it's been a while since I've been hearing about it. Fletse Maniere is cool, got some nice joints on it...maybe Ima toss a joint or two ;D

? Bout motherf***ing time ;)


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Amu's dropping next month.

Album sample here:

I got goosebumps,been waiting for a minute to check hear this!!!

Would be interesting to know who that "No more lying" joint is aimed at. Am liking the joints I've heard thus far, fayah!

He's talking about Wikid.
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Soul Amazin'

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Any word on Golden shovel, I heard early last year he was working on an Album?
And I am hoping for some new release from Iapetus.
       cosign dat,did Golden shovel eva drop the Great Awakening  ?

The last thing the man (Shovel) said bout "The Great Awekining" was that he had lost all the material and he'll have to start from scratch....hopefully he's on it...

The Vaal packs a whole lot of heat....dont sleep on Mothipa, One-2 (Dismental & Naked Eye), Mo Katalayst, Prophet Calibre, Zeeko, Relic and Wizardry....


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Viva Le Hustle Productions

Hustlers Radio Vol 01 [2cd] OUT NOW
KAtero Village Pride [mixtape]
Viva Le Hustle Strictly for The Hustlers available MAY 22
Kingdavid MAdei Mongezi [album] 20 August 2010


Viva Le Hustle Presents Respect My Hustle available  April 20