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are we xenophobic?

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fuk it.. it´s a shame that some africans will hate someone of their own race and continent. But if sumbody came along from tha states or europe they gona get love.....

fuk u sandile, u still one of those mufukaz stuck in the past teachings of "white-skin good, black-skin bad" by apartheid. Stupid mufuka, u don know a thing niga!


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Sandile take some time of from work and start to see african countries and meet people damn it´s very interesting. It opened my eyes from the boxed life i lived and i will not exchange the experience for any amount of cash or what ever cold thing that can´t talk back.

//kaba-muqus 8-)  :-]  :-]
.." It takes no courage to be normal , normal is where no heroes live." - B-boy Alien Nas(Flip side kings crew)


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if tht is how he feels ya jus let him be coz the fact is as much as there are good nigerians an all tht the ones we seem to be getting here in the south are jus crooks and ya know it