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any here on face book? that ish is the talk of town lately, been around for a while but now everyone's jus discovered it and damn everywhere u go u hear bout it.
ya'll think its worth the hype??
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Better and easier to work with than Myspace. Better designed, too.
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Quote from: "rob_one"
Better and easier to work with than Myspace. Better designed, too.

1. Less Technical Errors. It seems like every other click on MySpace results in an error message. Outages are a common occurance on MySpace as well. During the three years Iíve been using Facebook, I canít recall a single time Iíve had an error message show up.

2. Cleaner Design. While thereís more options on how your profile layout looks on MySpace, the custom layouts on MySpace are too distracting. I hate going to MySpace profiles that have crappy background images that make it hard to read a text. People come to social networking sites to get information, not see your background picture of a race car. With Facebook, I can always count on being able to read my friendís profile because of the nice clean design.

3. Less Spam. One of the things that turned me off from MySpace was the amount of SPAM I received in my messages boxes as well as the SPAMY friend requests. No, Candy, I donít want to be your friend even if it means I can see your live video clips kissing another girl while wearing a wet t-shirt.

4 .Facebook Platform. Facebook Platform is changing the face of Facebook. Everyday third party developers are coming out with new applications. While most are useless, some amazingly useful. Facebook is changing the way we interact with each other and our computers with their Platform.

Poineer Unit Facebook is great for updates.

I personally like the picture utility where you can see pictures of you other people have of you.

myspace music profiles are better for artists though since you can load your music on them intuitely. On FB you need 3rd party apps.

Myspace has still got the majority of users though I think that may be linked to American ignorance/ arrogance.


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yeah,, it's like a professional version of myspace.

great for promoting parties and events. more tools and useful stuff.

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