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Producers selling power

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Interesting read:

A producers selling power is only as good as word of mouth and your track record. Hence: Story Example

Bedroom Producer - lets call him Albert

Albert enters beats contests makes a little name for himself locally, sells some beats to a label - makes about 3,000 TOTAL for a year....

3-4 years later, the artist gets signed or the beat gets on a mixtape. Albert threatens to sue, but really wants to get his name out - story appears on or xxl etc.. (insert IceDrake here) you may or may not blow........

There are so many variables but they all lead to getting a "break" Nelly commented how the Neps beats were dirt cheap back in the day, they BLEW with SuperThug -Norega and Nelly came back for more - NOPE beats are higher now, SAME beats...

So Albert, instead of the above:

Gets with local talent, local talent makes radio. Did the beat for free or maybe equipment - no real money involved.

Now- same group blows and gets deal. Albert did about 4 songs on the CD, now the CD is becoming hot and all HIS singles are released.

The group makes friends, now Busta Rhymes wants a beat from Albert- Albert charges him 5K. Busta is cool, he has a decent budget - Albert asked for points too - since the price is so low Busta is cool. Song could make album or could not, well Albert is Lucky - Song makes Album and then Makes soundtrack $$$$$$$$ everywhere from points, royalties and now sync license.

Britney was in the movie and wants to do a song for the soundtrack above, now Britney wants an Albert beat because Busta had been playing the song loud as hell from his trailer (this is all make believe) so Albert is like, hell yeah - "notice" the group he started with, careers have already flourished and gone, Britney likes the beat Albert made he charges her 10K - Britney has a hella budget she insists that he is paid 20K - now it's on, Alberts stock just inched higher.

Albert can now command 5K - 20K for beats, hence Track Record and word of mouth.

Albert is really really lucky, Britneys single goes 3X platinum and the internet is down for 4months so no one downloaded it  .

DC comes along with a comeback album, they want 6 of Alberts beats now he gives them a deal 15 X 5 - 75K plus royalties. DC album blows sells 4X, the internet is down again.

Now Albert is being managed by a manager and they are now commanding 50K min for a beat and 3 for 125K...

LONG STORY - but basically this is what happens, all producers/artists are always looking for their next hit - almost like drugs even though they have had hits - hits only keep them alive regardless of content or quality. At the end of the day, the people really decide and of course gross marketing.

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