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so well.. I mean by now we have grown accustomed to mofos pretending to by rapping on the 'Live'
stage every friday night. Seems to be the order of the day really so I decided to hit the streets every fridasy night but to be only met by the same underhanded tactics at the hiphop shows.
The same cats iver and over with the same tracks lip sinking to they own shit.
Then when i eventually asked them wa**up with that, they just said its to get a betta sound.
A better sound? Wtf... arent you live? Arent you suppose to sound different?
I mean if I wanted to hear your cd i wouldve stayd at home dont you think.
So I was all mad and shit and decided to ask Damola what he thinks of it all......
and dude told me even in PTA its the order of the day..apparently the same shit flew at
'Back to the city'..............WHAT!! even at Back to the city? Shit yo..
so I gues Iam now jus in ore over the rate at which the standard has dropped and how half a** everybody is getting and wondering if its like this in your area code?
Are cats lip sinking in you section, do YOU lip sink...and why call it a back track when its obviously NOT