Star-craft 2

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I have never been a console guy since...golden china days..

Always been PC.

The first strategy game I played was Starcraft the MOST beautiful Gave in EXISTENCE..

12years later the sequel drops tomorrow. with all the nipple suckers in here I dunno if there
any cats who know anything bout Starcraft?

The geek in me is exited..

I am spending R500 for the DVD...gettting a special keyboard...3D gla**es ....special mouse.

and thats my life gone for the next 5months till I play the game from start to finish....

no more hoes, no more showers, no more weekend drinking sprees...

pretty much no life till..I finish the game!

I have pre-placed my order ...

can't wait!....

Before you console freaks Bash ... PC fall back!

Trapped In The 90ies Nigga.