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the panic!

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'I'm So Ready' is a masterpiece.

you deserve a case for this, bra yam.

everyone who's had the misfortune of drinking with me has heard this track at least five times.

that is all.

for those of you who missed it the first time:

LINK REMOVED/?w4h6bho1mj8w1hc


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the I know the lyrics by heart!!

this is my joint


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Thank you so much cats. I've been unfortunate in that I am unable to promo this mixtape and get regular performances going due to my hectic work schedule. I am just glad that the feedback I'm getting is indicating that I'm on the right track. With that being said... gotta deliver on that promise of a case...before i open a case.
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The tracks from one kind on reverbnation were quite good.  But this one is not my fav. many dope ones I downloaded though.