Core Wreckah x BecomingPhill


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I just thought to share this song I did over a beat by BecomingPhill (Namibian producer) for his Phill-Anthropy series, which is a concept somewhat akin to Kanye's 'Good fridays'.

I'm the first dude he chose, and being a big fan of his work from way back (he used to be a regular on AG), it was quite the f***in' honour  8)

Please do check out for it here: Core Wreckah (w/ Babz) - Buzzin' (prod. by BecomingPhill)

While you're there, don't forget to check out his other work, dude is insane with it!

You can also follow him on twitter: @BecomingPhill


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Straight Fire! Nice start to my week  8)
definitely looking forward to the project yall.

check my blog peeps!