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J Rocc


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"...and my interviews are hotter. Holla!"
- Jay-Z

I got to break it down with the homie J Rocc from The Beat Junkies.

“This guy named Sweet G – I don’t know if you know the [cla**ic 1983 electro] song Al-Naafiysh? This guy used to get that intro and…he used to bend the record almost like a taco and just scratch and just cut it up! That was his gimmick. And he was really dope. He was my Q-Bert. He was the Q-Bert from my generation. He was killer. He’d do that scratch and people would go crazy."
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Nice One Rob.

J Rocc has a nice track selection. I digged his Jalib vs Madlib tape that came out before Jaylib was released. Had me so amped up i thought jaylib was going to destroy everything ever created but it was not to be.

Check out my blog too. I just posted a Curren$y and Alchemist review in there

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