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Dr. Kanazawa

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What drives racial dating preferences?

I was reading some forum a while back and there was a discussion on interracial dating and some female member stated the following which I found really puzzling:

"I briefly dated a black guy in university, mostly to see if the erm... rumours about them are true (yes, THOSE rumours :P). He was from the US, and came to SA. Sadly I did not find out if the rumours were true or not :(. I don't have a problem admitting I'm prejudiced about certain things, and I would have been unlikely to date him, were he not from the States.
As far as black south africans go, well thatís a different story. They are only now being allowed to educate themselves, which is really a shame, but it still affects how I perceive them in a general sense, want it to or not. Do I feel I'm 'superior' as a result? Hmm, not necessarily, I just don't feel the majority of them have anything to offer me at present, and do not see why I should lower my own expectations/standards for a partner, just to be 'politically correct'.

I don't believe in forcing people to conform to my idea of how I think they ideally 'should' be, so I'm unlikely to have enough in common with a black man in South Africa to take him as a partner.Ē

Can the above statement still be considered as a racial dating preference? Iíve met a couple of white guys who also state the same thing when it comes to interracial dating. They say they are more open to dating African Americans than black South African females.
This just doesnít make sense to me, maybe someone here can help me understand their way of thinking.

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The only difference between the baboons here, and the baboons in the US, is that the US baboons know how to swim.

Other than that, same old primate...different trees. Ignorance has f*** all to do with race me thinks...Shit...i think has has more to do with genetics, primarily the 'stupid' gene.
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Ignorance has f*** all to do with race me thinks...Shit...i think has has more to do with genetics, primarily the 'stupid' gene.

You are one of the wisest men on the interwebs.