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A pimp named Sarkozy

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Hilarious Thread!!! lol @ Dingaan's expertise of Carte Blanche/3rd Degree hes going CSI on these Rap cats.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


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wow, u know the boys pretty well :D lol.
U missed So Fresh,Pimpgame and Jamal though.
Thanks for trying

ps. how u expect me to speak after yall practically castrated a brotha :D :D :D

now u choppin at the Dick too!

Does AG have no mercy????? :D

hahah,,, damn,,, AG can be a hard place sometimes :)

I'd like to see a paintball battle royale featuring all my favourite SA artists :)


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lol @chef..dam this shit is laugh a minute realtalk..good ol days on Ag i guesss..those days are still hidden in the corner waiting to be picked up and dusted off..anyway..nice looks doh!
people be juding me by the way that i walk even when i talk they say i got swagger like i be from new york..#print that bitches!