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Why I asked if he's serious. Is murder cool, because it was Eugene?

Last of the old AG Hittaz

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I'm starting think that maybe it isn't the average
citizens that has that certain racism, but also within
the Supreme Court ! When Casey Anthony, 
a white mother who was accused of killing her
own daughter was declared innocent, white people
as a whole were pissed. It seemed like black people,
(except Jamaicans) didn't give a shit because we knew
what would happen if the accused was black.

Well, 2 years after the Casey Anthony trial, the state of Florida does it again when they declare
George Zimmerman a 29 year old Latino male accused of murdering a 17 year old Black teenager, innocent under the "Stand by your ground law" (self-defense). He was said to have been stalking the teenager but he claimed that he was under suspicion of the teen, as Zimmerman was part of a neighborhood watch program. He called the police and they told him to leave the teen alone, but refused and went to attack the kid....the rest is history. The sad part is that a Black woman was trying to defend herself under the same law and got 20 years in prison :

Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case

Gotta love the state of Florida's justice system!!! SMDH  >:( >:( >:( >:(
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