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Vanilla Ice

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Was watching that Vanilla Ice flick "Cool as Ice" on TV last night.

After watching Vanilla Ice try to walk, talk, act, sound and dance like a "nigga" it looked so ridiculous and exaggarated I was like damn how did this guy break thru and become so huge and even represent Hip-Hop at some point in time in the first place?!!

What happended how did Mr Rip Van Winkle even make it thru the way he did and could it happen again?

Not embarra**ed to say I loved him back in the day, so much so that his was the 1st record I ever asked my folks to buy me and my Dad bought me the record.
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Not embarra**ed to say I loved him back in the day,

There is your answer as to why he was succesful.  ;D ::)

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Well, Vanilla Ice produced dance rap records, that were hip in the pop charts in the early nineties, similar to Wreckx n effect, MC Hammer and so on, which was fine, I think what really got to people was how he had lied about being from the hood in Miami, when he was actually from the well off side of town, this offended a lot of people. In my neighborhood a lot of the b-boys used to like Ice because he came from a dancing background, and wasn't bad at it, all that didn't matter though after he was exposed as a big fat faker. It's whatever really...