Closing Time?

Capt Schti

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At one in the morning
Three in the morning
At four in the morning
It won't let go
It wears me like a shell wears a tortoise
Like spots cover a leopard
Like stripes whip a tiger
It is wearing me down
I know it will destroy me.
But does it want to it defeat me too?


That which makes me
Breaks me
That which I consume
Devours me
My pa**ion has a pa**ion
And it is pa**ionately killing me
I ask it to be reasonable
But I guess it learnt from the best
I ask for another chance
And even though I know it will destroy me.
It's defeat that's bothering my a**

"I just want to enter my house justified" Bloody Sam


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im sorry you are a good writer but im just not feeling this. what did u have in mind when u post this, get a prop..cosign? there must be some sort of compliment u anticipated.


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