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MAMA AFRICA - A documentary on MIRIAM MAKEBA (2012)

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This documentary by Director, Mika Kaurismäki explores who the real Miriam Makeba was and tells us about her experiences in apartheid South Africa.
This is how Mika Kaurismaki describes this documentary:

This documentary gives not only a great visual overview of Makeba’s career but through the many interviews with the singer and guests one can gets a really good impression of the life and circumstances in South Africa before 1994, during Apartheid and Makeba’s struggle against the regime.
Especially the early years of Miriam Makeba are well highlighted; her performances as part of the African Jazz & Variety shows at the City Hall in Johannesburg, her start as a singer with The Manhattan Brothers, her rise and fall in the USA, living as an exile in Guinea…there is even some rare footage from an unofficial film ‘Come Back Africa’ (1959) by American filmmaker Lionel Rogosin that was smuggled out of the country and contained 2 songs by a very young Makeba. Essential film footage and a treasure to all lovers of the music of one of South Africa’s greatest singers.

word is bond, on the strength, GO SEE THIS!!!!!

To the SOUTH AFRICA & AFRICAN film makers out there i say this: APPRECIATE your people while they still walk the earth, lest more and more of these remarkable people will have their stories chronicled by foreigners, whose intentions although noble will always fall short of capturing the true essence of what us on this continent are truly about...!

R.I.P to a TRUE LEGEND...!